Wednesday Confessions

WHAT!?! How can it only be Wednesday? I had it in my head that today was Thursday. I know Monday was a holiday, but Monday went by so slow I  thought it must have lasted 3 days at least.  Today I have 2 confessions. Actually its mostly just rants.

Monday, I held the cat Greg and I rescued three years ago as he slowly died. We called the vet twice on Monday and they said bring him in tomorrow. He died 2 hours before the vet opened. I'm still pissed about that. I know Monday was a holiday but with several vets practicing out of the same office why can't they have a vet on call like physicians have? Needless to say I will NEVER use that clinic again.
This was Sammy when we first found him. He was such a cuddle kitty

Last night was Greg's spring concert. His band sounded great. But, I was surprised that the middle school kids sounded as good as they did. They only have class 2 days a week and their director left in January. She was a nice person, but NOT good at her job. Sorry  if you are reading this you kinda sucked at teaching band. I hope you do better at your new school teaching choir. New girl is really good though. I wish they had hired her first.

Vodka and Soda


One year later

I was going to post pics of my weekend deck rail building. But, in honor of Memorial Day I thought I'd share the other thing I did this weekend.

Last year my youngest daughter lost her best friend right after school ended. It was unexpected and two days before her friends birthday. (original post about it) This years, Emmy asked if we could go see Alexis for Alexis's birthday. Of course I said yes. We bought a little angel that said something about friends forever, Emmy wrote her a note and got dressed up because its Alexis's birthday and you have to look nice. 

The last time we went it was soon after she had died and there were flowers but no headstone yet. It actually looked a little lonely by itself. This time it was almost festive with all the pink and flowers and balloons. Emmy laid her gift on the grave and looked at the items that were all new. Then she wanted to talk to her friend alone. So I started walking to the car, I turned back to take a pic of my baby standing by her friends grave. I could barely fight back the tears.
I am so thankful for my girls. I can't even imagine what her parents are feeling. It's been a year and Emmy and I still cry. 

A begining & end

Today is Abbey's "promotion" ceremony. After today I will be the mom of a high school-er. I have no idea how this happened because clearly I am too young. After all, the annoying chick from last weekend thought I was 27.

For throw back Thursday I want to share Abbey at the beginning of middle school and now at the end.

I think its safe to say she has escaped the awkward phase and is now a young adult. I can't wait until the teenage drama also goes away.


Don't make me fork you

I do trainings for child care centers so they can get their PD hours in. Its not my day job, but it is one that I love. Last night I did a training about dealing with difficult people (coworkers and parents). Lets face it nothing says drama like a bunch of girls working together, add some mommy bears and you have the potential for some serious drama.

It was really weird doing that training because lately I have been having to deal with 2 people that drive me INSANE. Like I want to stab them with a fork (or any other handy object) One thing I said last night was "Everyone is someone's difficult person) WHAT!?! When I heard myself say that I thought, nope not me. I am everyone's favorite...ALWAYS...right?!?!

My confession is, I really don't have patience, like none at all. I'm sorry people have to deal with that lol.

Vodka and Soda

Hallelujah its Friday

1. One more week of school left. Even though I no longer get summers off, I am still looking forward to not having to get the girls up.

2. My friend Ben and his girlfriend are visiting from Virginia and I can't wait. I need a weekend away with my friend Jager. Speaking of Jager I got a Jager tee shirt.

3. My toilet has continued flushing which is a giant relief. In case you missed it you can read all about my bathroom misadventure here

4. I haven't said to much about this, but I took on 2 big projects at work and have been frantically working on 2 grants. I finally turned them in on Wednesday. Now to wait....
5. Its almost election primary.....I sooo can not wait.  I so sick of ads and signs and random strangers showing up at my door. Also, come back and visit on Monday. I will share my top reasons for not voting for a candidate. HINT it has NOTHING to do with what party they are for.


Its a shitty job, but someone had to do it.

I totally lucked into joining this link up today, If you really want to call what happened luck.

I had my first real home owner moment. It wasn't having to mow my own yard. Although that kinda sucks. It was what do you do when your toilet is clogged and you can't call a landlord.....or a significant other to come rescue you.

My downstairs bathroom was clogged on Monday morning. In the course of 3 days I used three different types of plungers (2 I had to go out and buy) 2 different versions of Drano, a septic tank  cleaner, and I used a toilet snake. I also tried pouring boiling water in there along with some dish detergent. Nothing worked. Then mid plunge the toilet completely emptied its tank. I've never had that happen before, but terror is watching the water creep to the top and then shoot over the sides. I was literally standing in 2 inches of toilet water. I didn't take any pictures (because I was standing in toilet water) but it looked something like this.

I finally thought to turn the water off to the toilet, then I was able to continue plunging until the water FINALLY went down. Then I heated up more water and poured down the toilet until I was sure I got the clog out. 

In the course of all of this I learned why you should never dump Drano or another chemical down the toilet. Apparently it erodes the wax seal on the bottom of the toilet. Ummm yeah didn't know that before I emptied 2 whole bottles into the drain. I hope my seal is still good because pulling it all up to replace it is not my idea of fun. Of course neither is wading in other people's shit.

Venus Trapped in Mars

Just another weekend

I have been back and forth and around and around what to write about today. At first I thought Oh! Mothers day was yesterday. Let's talk about that. But it was no different than any other Sunday except Emmy made me about 20 pearl beaded bracelets and necklaces; and Abbey posted Happy Mothers Day to me, and her dads girlfriend on face book.

I googled a weird symptom that I am having and now I am convinced I have Lou Gehrig's disease...or Thyroid Cancer.
After planting over 200 dollars worth of bulbs and seeds and having only 3 start to sprout. I bought about 100 more this weekend and decided maybe I just need a container garden. I did a lot of spray painting and planting. I feel sorry for these flowers. They don't know they are doomed to die. 

I mowed. For the first time in my life. I am not a big fan of it, but thankfully my actual yard is small and I can finish pretty quick. 

 So how was your Mother's Day weekend?

Retro gets a modern makeover....a look at my bathroom

I'm buying a house. I have that mentioned that about 200 million times, but it never gets old to me. This week the home appraiser came. I've been a wreck hoping that it is appraised where I need it to be so we can continue on with the other million things that need to be done before it is legally mine.  I am currently living in the house that I am buying, so I have started doing some work on it already. One of the first rooms that I finished was the bathroom. I wish I had thought to take a before pic. But basically three walls were white and one was navy blue which really made the baby blue tub and toilet stand out.

I wanted a paint color that was fun but also didn't make the dated tub and toilet look completely out of place. My sister picked this green color which instantly made the bathroom look tropical or at least to me. I added the stripped painting which reminds me of an abstract ocean sunset. I have slanted walls (because I live in a triangle) and I needed to anchor the top and the bottom of the painting to get it to stay on the wall.
The big black thing on the wall holds all my favorite nail polishes. I only display my sinful color brand of polish. I am hard core in love with the polish. Its the only thing I can get to stay on my nails. I have no idea what the polish holder really is. I found it several years ago at a yard sale.
On the side I added cup hooks and hung my necklaces and on another shelf I added my bracelets.
On the basin top I added cute polka dot containers that are the same color as the tub and toilet. They hold my make up brushes and lip sticks.

I have a weird alcove beside the shower that also has slanted walls. I found a 4 shelf cubby. Similar to those I've seen posted from IKEA. However I don't have an IKEA anywhere near me and had to resort to WalMart. I use it to hold my towels and baskets that hold random bathroom needs and wash cloths. Beside this is also a litter box, but I didn't think you wanted to see my cats toilet.
On top of this cubby I added a basket to hold toilet paper and a sail boat to give it a nautical touch.
My friends at the Cassani Company gave me a Fogless shower mirror to try. I'm telling you we all love this mirror. Its so sleek that we don't have to worry about accidentally hitting it and knocking it off the shower wall. It really is fogless, and was super easy to install. Emmy has used it to make sure she has gotten all the soap out of her hair when she showers. When the girls are hogging the vanity mirror in the morning I sometimes use it to put my make up on. Its easy to remove from the hanger, if you need a quick peek at the back of your hair before you head out. If you want to try one. Here is the Amazon link.


Things never to say to a cop

My weekend was kinda oreo. Great in the middle pretty yucky on either end. Don't tell me you actually like the weird chocolate cookie part?

I got strep on Thursday evening was definitely not feeling like running the 5K so I have to schedule another one to get it off my list. Had a great Derby weekend hanging out at my friends bar. My horse won the derby. I have a friend in California and he called early last week to tell us that his son is best friends with one of the owners grandsons. So yeah I had to root for someone I have any kind of tie to. Besides you just HAVE to support a horse that is owned by people who named their business Dumbass Partnership. I seriously need a shirt that says this.

The downside was I got pulled over. I was actually doing 23 over but the cop took pitty on me and wrote it for 18 over. They sure do ask you some dumb questions when they pull you over. While waiting for him to write me the ticket I started to think of things I probably shouldn't say.

1. I WAS texting and driving..Wait! Let me text what a big dick you are
2. I was practicing. Tony Stewart called and wants me to replace Danica.....because I didn't wreck anyone
3. Where was I going? To hell if I don't change my ways....wanna come too?
4. How fast do I THINK I was going? Or how fast do I want to say I was going
5. I don't have a license and registration. I stole this car from some guy I killed for asking me where I was going.
6. Want a doughnut?
7. Wanna race?
8. Your a public servant.....wash my car servant
9. Have you ever seen Super Troopers.....
10. Yes that uniform makes your ass look big.

On a completely different note. My sister dropped my dad off at my house. I am frantically trying to find him a place to live so I don't hang myself from my balcony.

Today is an Abbeyday

Doesn't really have the same ring to it as Hollyday, but 14 years ago today (I know...I gasp at that huge number too) I gave birth to a child who may be short, even though she's taller than me, but she is NOT short on personality, attitude, beauty or sparkle.

I will try not to bore you  the boring details. But the high points are I was a baby, or so it felt, having a baby. She was everything a new mother dreaded in a child. She was set in her ways from day one (had to either be rocked a certain way or in a swing to go to sleep) She refused to take a bottle so even though I am a cow and could pump 18 oz (no joke) worth of milk in a sitting she refused it. Her first sentence was Shoe department please. I knew right then I was in trouble. Thankfully I had already raised 70+ kids while working in child care so I was a good match for this spunky kid.

So happy birthday to my oldest and most favorite teenager.


Prom throw back

Abbey went to the prom last weekend. It was fun for me to help her pick out a dress, decide on her hair, and flowers. Abbey was so whatever about it that she just let me take over. I always love when I take over things.

Dress shopping went easier than I thought. We looked at prom magazines before we went and knew we were looking for a short dress. The second store we went to we found 2. I loved one, she loved the other. I knew from my past (5 proms) that the one I loved was more "prom" appropriate. The one she likes would make a good homecoming dress. So I did what any mom would do. I bought both dresses. Don't worry they were both on sale and I got them for less than 100. Combined. Yeah I did a happy dance all the way out of the store.

Long story short, she chose my dress. I picked out flowers to match. I know that's suppose to be a guy  thing, but I really do have control issues. My sister picked out her jewelry. Abbey was extremely stressed about being too blingy. Is that even possible. She was nervous about being all dressed up and tried to talk me into letting her wear combat boots. Ummmmm NO. I got so many great pictures that I can't share them all. So I will just share a few.

 No she is not naked. I promise!

 We had to cut loose and do some fun pics.

Now for the throw back. I was so clueless when I went to my first prom. I was a freshmen. My date was a senior and my neighbor. He asked me like 2 weeks before prom and I had to borrow a dress. It was kinda awful. But I had lots of fun. OMG I even did my hair myself. Its pretty sad.
By my senior year I had time to learn what prom dress was all about and was more in style. I cut my date out of the pic because even though I went to prom an hour away from where I currently live, my date for my senior prom has a child at Abbey's school. His wife is on the PTO with me. I just try to forget all of that, so Abbey and his daughter don't feel awkward. 

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