You mess with the bull you get the horns

Abbey has discovered the movie the Breakfast Club. (which is where the subject line came from) She loves it. This led to a conversation about cliques in schools and what kids are labeled. I remember a few basic cliques you had the popular kids which were mostly athletes. Then you had the nerds and the I had to call it criminals, but since that's is what the Breakfast club called it so will I. I believe I was the rare normal kid. I realized there were cliques but I just didn't care. Although since I was in band I was probably a nerd and am just to clueless to have noticed. Abbey informed me that there are a whole new class of labels that kids can have. Which led to the formation of....Holly's guide to the new Clique labels.  The following pictures are not mine. Click the picture to be taken to the source.

Hipster, Indie, Tumblr- creative kids who think outside of the box. They are into indie rock and think they are witty. I didn't know Tumblr could be an adjective. You learn something new every day.

Emo- Wear lots of black, grey and maybe a touch of red. They rarely smile and seems depressed all the time. Music of choice is scary. Ok so these aren't really new.....but still worth mentioning.

Scene Kids- Lots of animal print usually zebra, Neon colors paired with black and their hair is multi colored. I think they are Emo that aren't afraid of color.

Preps- They wear brand name, drive brand name and talk brand name. Think Mean Girls. At one time I would have classed these as popular kids but apparently they are even more selective than just being popular.

Apparently there is also a sub class of group called Gamers. They however look like everyone else. The only difference is they speak a foreign language called game speak.  I was gamer friendly in high school and college, but I really had no idea what they were every talking about.

So there you go. If you ever find yourself back in middle school or high school you won't get punched in the face for referring to a Scene kid as Emo, or calling a prep a  gamer. You can thank me as you avoid being shoved in a trash can. :)


  1. Emo and Goth aren't the same thing, dagnabbit.

    /my lawn, get off it

    1. ha! Well tell that to kids in Rowan County

    2. Abbey's fixin' to get an hour-long lecture on the proper distinctions between different post-punk subgenres, as well as the broader difference between an aesthetic and a musical style. :p

    3. Please don't. I don't think I can handle listening to her go on about it. I am looking forward to the day this runs its course and she becomes regular kid again

  2. Is jock not a thing anymore? Or are after school sports SOOOO 2009?

    1. In our county its not a thing. Which may be why we aren't very good. The town I grew up in, its all about the football players.

  3. That's because Rowan county sucks at sports.
    I am still having a hard time convincing abbey that she doesn't listen to metal, she listens to emo/screamo. I feel like I have failed as an aunt. Em is my only hope.


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