Wednesday Confessions

As much as I love animals I am really not a crazy about the cat that came with the house. He's a cutie and I pet him but he hasn't melted my heart.

I had to force myself to write this post. I am just feeling overwhelmed at the moment.

I need to make a dermatologist appointment but I'm scared

I want a new blog design, I bore easily.


  1. Aw the kitty is a cutie! I think you'll warm up to him, you just haven't known him as long as your others!

    1. I hope! He hates Wes. I know that is because he really has never seen a dog before, but come on Wes loves cats he has 4 as pets.

  2. A cat came with your house? I hope it also came with someone to clean the litter box!

    1. Yeah a cat came with my house. Its a long story about the house. The previous owner (my ex husband) was going to have to find it a new home and I told him to just leave it. It had been a rescue cat and I couldn't stand the thought of uprooting him again.

  3. maybe you haven't warmed up to one another yet? i find that cats take a lot longer to warm up to new people a lot longer than dogs. my ex boyfriend's cat paid zero attention to me for SIX MONTHS and then after that, he wouldn't leave me alone. give it time...

    thanks for linking up!

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