That's just BULL

Since its Thursday and I am seeing old pictures everywhere I thought I would share a story. I hadn't thought of this story in ages but Bryan and Brandon's post on Monday got me thinking. Go read their blog its HILARIOUS!!!

When I was much younger Holly. I dated a wrestler. No, not a WWE piledriving, body slamming wrestler. Just your average run of the mill high school wrestling team wrestler. What makes this story is the fact that I was (and still am) 4'10. Yup not even close to 5 feet tall. This boy in question was well over 6 feet. Actually so much over 6 feet that his nickname was Bull. you know Bull from night court?
It wasn't just the size they had in common, he really did look like this.

So the shortest girl in school was dating the tallest guy in school. He let me wear his letterman jacked around school. It resembled a bedspread on me. But I wore it proudly. I also covered it in my perfume. One morning, I was super tired while I was getting ready for school and didn't realize I had already put perfume on. So I sprayed it on his jacket as I left the house. 

By the time I got to school the over powering smell was making my eyes burn and making me want to gag. I went to the bathroom and washed it off my wrists and neck but it was still on the jacket and it my hair. It was still strong but somewhat more tolerable. 

I had forgotten one very critical event that was happening that day. Bull was leaving for the state wrestling tournament that day. He needed his jacket back....the jacket that reeked of girly perfume. He had to travel to the state meet and wear the jacket all weekend. 

If your wondering what I looked like way back when this happened. Check this out.....and you better not tease me about the crazy hair.


  1. Hahaha love the story and the old picture!!!

  2. Boy's jackets and minor disasters were a recurring theme with you, back in high school.

    I'm half-tempted to tell the story of the band room door incident. :p


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