Revenge is sweet

I can't believe I actually got 5 posts in this week. It has to be some kind if miracle. It almost didn't happen. I'm out of town this weekend (potential robbers I have a house/puppy sitter). 

Westley has to have eye drops at night and he has had a cold this week. I just couldn't take him with me. But I do have some great news this week.

I wish you could see my sister's fb page. She had made me proud by outing  a douchbag that told her he wasn't married when he very much was. 

Oh wait you can! Love the power of screen shots :) seriously guys stop jerking women along. No one likes that.


My credit is FINALLY where it needs to be and I am signing papers to buy my house (thanks to my ex for letting me rent it these couple of months). 


  1. Wow that is so disgusting! What is wrong with some people in this world. Dating is hard enough, but having to worry about stuff like that is just sad!

  2. Oh girl. I have a screen shot of a message he sent me saying he hasn't slept in the same bed with his wife in 9 years and she is just a friend. Its sad. It really is.


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