Raided by the police

You know its a good party when the cops show up. I just didn't expect it to be at a party for a 10 year old.

If you follow me on instagram you probably already saw what a big idiot I am. I had a house FULL of kids ranging in ages 9-14. Yeah that's dumb but not the dumbest thing I did. I was attempting to unlock my phone but accidentally hit the emergency call. I quickly hung up.....and then didn't hear when they called back. So they sent a deputy out to check on us. He pulls up to the house. All the kids are in the woods around the house, playing hide and go seek. The yard is full of silly string. He walks up to the door and I assume he is campaigning, because he is on the ballot for sheriff. He explains that someone called 911. I am so embarrassed. I try to explain to him what happened. He questions how I have signal there. I tell him I have a booster. He asks me about 4 times If I am SURE I am ok. Aside from a house full of girls and pets I am fine. Ok so the party wasn't raided by the police....but they did make an appearance.  

Later that night I over hear Emmy's friend ask "so what does your mom do when you guys aren't here" without missing a beat Emmy said probably dances around the house naked.

And then this......

Emmy: Remember when we were little and we would place with babydolls?
Friend: Yeah I remember that.
Emmy: Wanna do that again?
Friend: Sure because we have more experience now.

Ahhh to be young again.


  1. Bahahahaha probably dances around naked, at least they think you're doing fun stuff. :)

  2. That's hilarious. I love how cops are required to ask you "Are you sure? No really, ARE YOU SURE?" like there's some midget behind you with a gun, making you say you're okay just so he'll leave.

    1. I should have said, I have 6 kids between the age of 9-14, what do you think?


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