Men aren't Dogs

I get a little annoyed when I hear someone compare a man they hate to a dog. My Westley is crazy about me. How fair is it to Wes that something bad is compared to him.

  1. Wes would take someone down for looking at me wrong (or at least attempt to not much a 15 pound dog can actually accomplish)
  2. He only has eyes for me. Literally no one else feeds him the right way or pets him the right way
  3. He would rather be curled up on the couch with me instead of out with others
  4. Feels bad and tries to make it up to me when I accidentally step on him
  5. loves to cuddle
  6. Never demanding except when he wants let out to pee
  7. Never asks me to change the channel
  8. Comforting me is his favorite job
  9. Always happy to see me. Even if I just went outside for 2 seconds
  10. Is always nice to my friends
I hope that more men are dogs, because dogs are awesome. Now my cats are a whole other story.
  1. They never do what you want them to
  2. They start to cuddle and then wander off
  3. If they don't want you on the computer/phone/watching tv they will climb in your face until you give in
  4. They meow constantly
  5. They could disappear for days taking up with someone who buys a better cat food than you
  6. They want you to pet them and then rip your arm off after they've had enough. Of course they never give warning
  7. They hide when your friends come over
  8. They hiss at people and other animals
  9. If they think Ive been gone an unacceptable amount of time I will get snubbed 
  10. Its all about them, they don't care how my day was.
So we should stop referring to horrible men as dogs when clearly they are cats.
I'm linking up with Kelli for Picture Practice. 

This is my cat Elle and she is a bitch.


  1. Bahahaha, I love this idea! I'm totally up for calling men cats instead of dogs.

    Elle looks so content in front of her window!

  2. Haha seriously though, why do they say 'men are dogs'? My dog is AWESOME!

  3. Ha, this was great. Very clever. I love it (and not just because I'm a man, but because I'm a dog lover).

    Also, brutal truth: the only women that say "all men are dogs!" are the women who are stupid enough to fall for the same type of asshole guy over and over and over. Men aren't dogs, you just suck at picking them.

    1. Soooo true. Hell I know I have awful taste. I can bring myself to lump everyone in that category.

  4. So true! I never really stopped to think about it but you're right, we should not compare our wonderful dogs to bad things.

    1. Whoever thought of that must not love dogs. My dog is so loyal and loving its really not fair at all.

  5. Ha, yes true!

    My cat can be a pain in my butt sometimes.


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