juggling life

Have you ever felt like you were juggling life. That you have all these balls in the air and you are doing great and then suddenly your balls come tumbling down?

I feel like that is happening and I hate that feeling. I took on a couple extra HUGE projects at work that effect a whole lot of people and now I am feeling like I am short on time. I know that it is really that I am a chronic procrastinator and with the weather warming up people are coming out of the woodwork and needing things from me.

But it seems like when one thing starts it all does. I was making posters for my sister's civil war reenactment. I hadn't really tried out my Silhouette and was excited. Only things kept getting in the way because of user error. Then my blade got to dull to cut anything.

I had a dim headlight out for awhile and I kept forgetting to get it replaced. Then Friday I realized I had no dims at all, I bright lighted everyone on my way home. (Sorry if that was you. I am really not that rude) Dad started to fix my light on Sunday, but was struggling with it. He is still not really healthy. I took over and managed to fix them. I have NEVER done anything car mechanic related in my life. Putting gas in it and sometimes cleaning it out is the extent. So I felt really proud.

I have been using a Cell booster that belongs to one of Greg's friends and he asked for it back. No warning just I need it back now. Which sucks because I really don't have any cell signal at all without it. So I had to shell out money to get another one. I hope it comes quickly.


  1. Yayy for fixing your headlights yourself!!! I always feel proud when I'm able to do something like that myself too.

    1. My air conditioner knob broke. I think I may try to tackle that next. I think I need to buy some tools.

  2. Replies
    1. I have never even attempted to do anything like that. Beyond putting gas in the car I have never done anything. But it wasn't that bad. I may try to do more.


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