Home buying confessions

 I have had plans to have really good posts all this week. But things happen and I didn't get to actually write them, so you are getting short changed. I'm predicting they will appear sometime next week on my blog.

But the big thing to confess is I am so freakin excited. I am going this afternoon to meet with the mortgage broker and my ex so we can sign the seller agreement. Next step is appraisal and inspections. Have I mentioned that I am excited?

But since I am on a roll talking about the home buying process I must confess that I am glad I am purchasing a for sale by owner (and not just because my ex is giving me a great deal and I LOVE the house) Greg used a friend of his as an agent when he bought his house and he got a TERRIBLE deal. I just cant stand to look at the guy considering I know he was just out to make money off of his friend.

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