Home buying confessions

 I have had plans to have really good posts all this week. But things happen and I didn't get to actually write them, so you are getting short changed. I'm predicting they will appear sometime next week on my blog.

But the big thing to confess is I am so freakin excited. I am going this afternoon to meet with the mortgage broker and my ex so we can sign the seller agreement. Next step is appraisal and inspections. Have I mentioned that I am excited?

But since I am on a roll talking about the home buying process I must confess that I am glad I am purchasing a for sale by owner (and not just because my ex is giving me a great deal and I LOVE the house) Greg used a friend of his as an agent when he bought his house and he got a TERRIBLE deal. I just cant stand to look at the guy considering I know he was just out to make money off of his friend.

Vodka and Soda


  1. congrats! good luck and hope it all works out

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Good luck on everything! Hopefully, you get a beautiful new house!

  3. Whoohoo how exciting!!


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