A decade ago

I was holding the sweetest little cubby cheeked baby girl. A baby I had given up on having since her sister involved fertility treatment. From day one this baby has been a breeze to raise. She was a laid back baby. Only crying when she was hungry. She didn't want to be held or fussed with when she wanted to sleep she wanted to be left alone.

 She has always been the child that would talk to everyone and play with the children that may have otherwise slipped through the cracks. I remember in preschool she loved to help a little boy that was in a special walker like wheelchair. This child has always had a memory like an elephant. She can see or hear something once and remember every detail for life. When she was 2 she wanted a shirt with a panda on it, The store had broken the security tag removal device and she couldn't get the shirt. 4 years later she would still mention that shirt whenever we would walk into this store. I have been so proud to be her mom. She is a fighter and determined and yet so loving and sweet. She is hilariously funny and soooo smart.

I have so many things to praise this week. Let me count them

1. Emmy's room is done (yes pictures are coming)
2. The bathroom is done (again pictures are coming)
3. I've been beyond productive at work
4. Westley lets me put his eye drops in without giving me any trouble. He also wore his bunny shirt all week
5. I'm not scared to let the animals in and out at night anymore. There is something about living alone (or at least without another adult) that is a little scary.

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  1. Yay for a productive week, those are the best!

  2. 10?? Already? When did that happen!

  3. Sounds like you got much more accomplished than me! Nice work!!


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