Home buying confessions

 I have had plans to have really good posts all this week. But things happen and I didn't get to actually write them, so you are getting short changed. I'm predicting they will appear sometime next week on my blog.

But the big thing to confess is I am so freakin excited. I am going this afternoon to meet with the mortgage broker and my ex so we can sign the seller agreement. Next step is appraisal and inspections. Have I mentioned that I am excited?

But since I am on a roll talking about the home buying process I must confess that I am glad I am purchasing a for sale by owner (and not just because my ex is giving me a great deal and I LOVE the house) Greg used a friend of his as an agent when he bought his house and he got a TERRIBLE deal. I just cant stand to look at the guy considering I know he was just out to make money off of his friend.

Vodka and Soda

Coping with a bad week

Last week was a crazy busy/stressful/craptastic week. I had stuff that hit from all different directions. I'm sure you all have had weeks like that. When nothing seems to be going right. The only thing that was great was that I signed the papers to get the loan for my house. That was Monday. The rest of the week felt like a roller coaster. Lost of screaming and  feelings of anxiety that made me want to hurl. This lead me to think what can I do to get over a stressful week. Some people may tell you to take time for yourself. They may tell you to focus on the positive and that tomorrow is another day. That's not my style.

When you are having a bad week just follow these basic rules for a less stressful week.

When in doubt EAT. Yeah its been sad that exercise releases endorphin's and helps you feel better. But you know what else makes you feel better.....FOOD. I don't really like sweets, but just give me something smothered in cheese and I am happy.
Don't under estimate the power of banging your head against the wall.  It really does help. It probably really just makes your head hurt so you are focusing on something else. But at least you feel better.
This is one of my favorites. I actually do this even when I am not having a bad day. But I must say it does make even the worst day feel a million times better. You don't have to choose Shih Tzu's they just happen to be my dog of choice.

 Last but definitely not least. The holy trinity for stress relief. If after doing these three you don't feel better....then you never will.
Hope this week is better, if not you will be hearing about which method worked the best.

Everything I needed to know in life I learned from Mean Girls

 I've seen lots of Mean Girl references this week. Its a movie that never gets old. I learned a lot about life from this movie and I want to share the pearls of wisdom that Mean Girls has given me.

1. Its ok to have a lot of feelings even if you don't go there.

2. Everyone loves a red head
3.  Don't have sex....unless you wanna get pregnant and die

4. Cheese fries can solve most of the worlds problems
5. The rest can be solved by using crack....kidding!
6.Words mean nothing. Actions say everything. Don't call someone fat. Help them get hit by a bus instead.
7. But beware that's the fastest way to get flowers
8. You really can't ask someone why they are white.
9. Don't be so full of yourself. No one loves you as much as you love you.
10. Cool moms don't really look or talk like this
11. Because people are really just jealous. Do what you heart tells you to do.
12. But the most important thing I learned from Means Girls is for the love of all that is holy.....trust no BITCH. 

You mess with the bull you get the horns

Abbey has discovered the movie the Breakfast Club. (which is where the subject line came from) She loves it. This led to a conversation about cliques in schools and what kids are labeled. I remember a few basic cliques you had the popular kids which were mostly athletes. Then you had the nerds and the I had to call it criminals, but since that's is what the Breakfast club called it so will I. I believe I was the rare normal kid. I realized there were cliques but I just didn't care. Although since I was in band I was probably a nerd and am just to clueless to have noticed. Abbey informed me that there are a whole new class of labels that kids can have. Which led to the formation of....Holly's guide to the new Clique labels.  The following pictures are not mine. Click the picture to be taken to the source.

Hipster, Indie, Tumblr- creative kids who think outside of the box. They are into indie rock and think they are witty. I didn't know Tumblr could be an adjective. You learn something new every day.


Emo- Wear lots of black, grey and maybe a touch of red. They rarely smile and seems depressed all the time. Music of choice is scary. Ok so these aren't really new.....but still worth mentioning.

Scene Kids- Lots of animal print usually zebra, Neon colors paired with black and their hair is multi colored. I think they are Emo that aren't afraid of color.

Preps- They wear brand name, drive brand name and talk brand name. Think Mean Girls. At one time I would have classed these as popular kids but apparently they are even more selective than just being popular.

Apparently there is also a sub class of group called Gamers. They however look like everyone else. The only difference is they speak a foreign language called game speak.  I was gamer friendly in high school and college, but I really had no idea what they were every talking about.

So there you go. If you ever find yourself back in middle school or high school you won't get punched in the face for referring to a Scene kid as Emo, or calling a prep a  gamer. You can thank me as you avoid being shoved in a trash can. :)


Revenge is sweet

I can't believe I actually got 5 posts in this week. It has to be some kind if miracle. It almost didn't happen. I'm out of town this weekend (potential robbers I have a house/puppy sitter). 

Westley has to have eye drops at night and he has had a cold this week. I just couldn't take him with me. But I do have some great news this week.

I wish you could see my sister's fb page. She had made me proud by outing  a douchbag that told her he wasn't married when he very much was. 

Oh wait you can! Love the power of screen shots :) seriously guys stop jerking women along. No one likes that.


My credit is FINALLY where it needs to be and I am signing papers to buy my house (thanks to my ex for letting me rent it these couple of months). 


That's just BULL

Since its Thursday and I am seeing old pictures everywhere I thought I would share a story. I hadn't thought of this story in ages but Bryan and Brandon's post on Monday got me thinking. Go read their blog its HILARIOUS!!!

When I was much younger Holly. I dated a wrestler. No, not a WWE piledriving, body slamming wrestler. Just your average run of the mill high school wrestling team wrestler. What makes this story is the fact that I was (and still am) 4'10. Yup not even close to 5 feet tall. This boy in question was well over 6 feet. Actually so much over 6 feet that his nickname was Bull. you know Bull from night court?
It wasn't just the size they had in common, he really did look like this.

So the shortest girl in school was dating the tallest guy in school. He let me wear his letterman jacked around school. It resembled a bedspread on me. But I wore it proudly. I also covered it in my perfume. One morning, I was super tired while I was getting ready for school and didn't realize I had already put perfume on. So I sprayed it on his jacket as I left the house. 

By the time I got to school the over powering smell was making my eyes burn and making me want to gag. I went to the bathroom and washed it off my wrists and neck but it was still on the jacket and it my hair. It was still strong but somewhat more tolerable. 

I had forgotten one very critical event that was happening that day. Bull was leaving for the state wrestling tournament that day. He needed his jacket back....the jacket that reeked of girly perfume. He had to travel to the state meet and wear the jacket all weekend. 

If your wondering what I looked like way back when this happened. Check this out.....and you better not tease me about the crazy hair.


My not so secret addiction

Hello my name is Holly and I am addicted to shopping! Admitting the problem is the first step...right? I'm expecting an intervention at any time.

I have joked about my problem many times. But last night I realized just how bad it was. When I checked my mail I had a notice saying I have a package at the post office. Before I lived up a twisty curvy driveway mail carriers would just bring my package to me, not anymore (sad face). I wish they would at least text me and tell me before I get home after the post office is closed. Now I have to wait to find out what I got in the mail.

About 9:30 last night Fed Ex pulls up to my house and I was confused. I didn't remember ordering anything. When I opened the box I remembered. I had ordered the book from bloggers Sherry and John Petersik at Young House Love
I can't wait to stop by the post office and see what my other package contains. I hope I ordered myself something good.

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juggling life

Have you ever felt like you were juggling life. That you have all these balls in the air and you are doing great and then suddenly your balls come tumbling down?

I feel like that is happening and I hate that feeling. I took on a couple extra HUGE projects at work that effect a whole lot of people and now I am feeling like I am short on time. I know that it is really that I am a chronic procrastinator and with the weather warming up people are coming out of the woodwork and needing things from me.

But it seems like when one thing starts it all does. I was making posters for my sister's civil war reenactment. I hadn't really tried out my Silhouette and was excited. Only things kept getting in the way because of user error. Then my blade got to dull to cut anything.

I had a dim headlight out for awhile and I kept forgetting to get it replaced. Then Friday I realized I had no dims at all, I bright lighted everyone on my way home. (Sorry if that was you. I am really not that rude) Dad started to fix my light on Sunday, but was struggling with it. He is still not really healthy. I took over and managed to fix them. I have NEVER done anything car mechanic related in my life. Putting gas in it and sometimes cleaning it out is the extent. So I felt really proud.

I have been using a Cell booster that belongs to one of Greg's friends and he asked for it back. No warning just I need it back now. Which sucks because I really don't have any cell signal at all without it. So I had to shell out money to get another one. I hope it comes quickly.


Raided by the police

You know its a good party when the cops show up. I just didn't expect it to be at a party for a 10 year old.

If you follow me on instagram you probably already saw what a big idiot I am. I had a house FULL of kids ranging in ages 9-14. Yeah that's dumb but not the dumbest thing I did. I was attempting to unlock my phone but accidentally hit the emergency call. I quickly hung up.....and then didn't hear when they called back. So they sent a deputy out to check on us. He pulls up to the house. All the kids are in the woods around the house, playing hide and go seek. The yard is full of silly string. He walks up to the door and I assume he is campaigning, because he is on the ballot for sheriff. He explains that someone called 911. I am so embarrassed. I try to explain to him what happened. He questions how I have signal there. I tell him I have a booster. He asks me about 4 times If I am SURE I am ok. Aside from a house full of girls and pets I am fine. Ok so the party wasn't raided by the police....but they did make an appearance.  

Later that night I over hear Emmy's friend ask "so what does your mom do when you guys aren't here" without missing a beat Emmy said probably dances around the house naked.

And then this......

Emmy: Remember when we were little and we would place with babydolls?
Friend: Yeah I remember that.
Emmy: Wanna do that again?
Friend: Sure because we have more experience now.

Ahhh to be young again.

5 on Friday

How is it possible that this week has flown by and crept by at the same time? But its Friday and that is always a good thing.

1. Emmy has two of her best friends coming home with her after school and one of them is spending the night. She can't wait to show off her bedroom.....and I can't either. I am finally taking pics of it this weekend to share with you next week. But here is a sneak peek from my phone.

2. We have finally had some decent weather. I dug out the rock garden (actually I don't know what it is. It looks like you should plant flowers in there, but it was just full of pebbles.). I'm going to start planting this weekend. I have a color scheme for my front door area. Its going to be yellow, pink and teal with just a hint of orange. Look at  the front cover of this months HGTV magazine and you get the idea.and BTW.... I am addicted to this magazine.
3. Westley got a haircut. Why does the groomer cost more than my stylist? He is one expensive dog. I am really not a fan of the bandana they tie on him after his haircuts.

4. Speaking of planting. I may have gone a little lot crazy and bought 25 packets of flower seeds, and about 13 packs of bulbs. Some packs have multiple bulbs. almost all of the plants are pink. I think I need a plant intervention.

5. I got this beauties delivered to my office technically that was last Friday but I had already blogged that day.

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  • I am at a loss for what to blog about....sooo confessions it is
  • Seriously. Confessions for a post title is as creative as I'm getting today
  • I am one of 4 people in this whole state (Kentucky) happy to see UCONN win the NCAA tournament
  • I hate coffee, even loaded with flavor, I despise it
  • I've never seen frozen even though it seems everyone else has. 
  • I also don't really want to see it because I am sick of that song....come on people Let it Go Already!!!
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Men aren't Dogs

I get a little annoyed when I hear someone compare a man they hate to a dog. My Westley is crazy about me. How fair is it to Wes that something bad is compared to him.

  1. Wes would take someone down for looking at me wrong (or at least attempt to not much a 15 pound dog can actually accomplish)
  2. He only has eyes for me. Literally no one else feeds him the right way or pets him the right way
  3. He would rather be curled up on the couch with me instead of out with others
  4. Feels bad and tries to make it up to me when I accidentally step on him
  5. loves to cuddle
  6. Never demanding except when he wants let out to pee
  7. Never asks me to change the channel
  8. Comforting me is his favorite job
  9. Always happy to see me. Even if I just went outside for 2 seconds
  10. Is always nice to my friends
I hope that more men are dogs, because dogs are awesome. Now my cats are a whole other story.
  1. They never do what you want them to
  2. They start to cuddle and then wander off
  3. If they don't want you on the computer/phone/watching tv they will climb in your face until you give in
  4. They meow constantly
  5. They could disappear for days taking up with someone who buys a better cat food than you
  6. They want you to pet them and then rip your arm off after they've had enough. Of course they never give warning
  7. They hide when your friends come over
  8. They hiss at people and other animals
  9. If they think Ive been gone an unacceptable amount of time I will get snubbed 
  10. Its all about them, they don't care how my day was.
So we should stop referring to horrible men as dogs when clearly they are cats.
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This is my cat Elle and she is a bitch.


A decade ago

I was holding the sweetest little cubby cheeked baby girl. A baby I had given up on having since her sister involved fertility treatment. From day one this baby has been a breeze to raise. She was a laid back baby. Only crying when she was hungry. She didn't want to be held or fussed with when she wanted to sleep she wanted to be left alone.

 She has always been the child that would talk to everyone and play with the children that may have otherwise slipped through the cracks. I remember in preschool she loved to help a little boy that was in a special walker like wheelchair. This child has always had a memory like an elephant. She can see or hear something once and remember every detail for life. When she was 2 she wanted a shirt with a panda on it, The store had broken the security tag removal device and she couldn't get the shirt. 4 years later she would still mention that shirt whenever we would walk into this store. I have been so proud to be her mom. She is a fighter and determined and yet so loving and sweet. She is hilariously funny and soooo smart.

I have so many things to praise this week. Let me count them

1. Emmy's room is done (yes pictures are coming)
2. The bathroom is done (again pictures are coming)
3. I've been beyond productive at work
4. Westley lets me put his eye drops in without giving me any trouble. He also wore his bunny shirt all week
5. I'm not scared to let the animals in and out at night anymore. There is something about living alone (or at least without another adult) that is a little scary.

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Throwback Thursday

Stephanie at Not Entirely Perfect was brave enough to share her dance recital picture and it got me thinking about the time waaaaaaaay back when, when I thought it would be a good idea to join the school dance team.

I have no rhythm, to say I can't dance is an under statement. I think the best description is a spastic monkey. 
 But I got out on the gym floor at every home game and shook my poms and acted like I knew what in the crap was going on. All the while wanting to crawl in a hole. Because as hard as it is to believe, elementary school Holly was seriously shy.
The high waisted shorts and knee high socks really don't help matters.

Wednesday Confessions

As much as I love animals I am really not a crazy about the cat that came with the house. He's a cutie and I pet him but he hasn't melted my heart.

I had to force myself to write this post. I am just feeling overwhelmed at the moment.

I need to make a dermatologist appointment but I'm scared

I want a new blog design, I bore easily.

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