Westley vs a Boxer

I took Westley to a new vet yesterday. It was an adventure. The vet tech wrote on his paperwork that he was a poodle!?!? WHAT!! You've seen pictures of Wes he is NOT a poodle. When they weighed him he started running around the office, checking everyone out. He has pre dry eyes. Its common with Shih Tzu's because they have smooshed up little faces so their eyes kinda bug out (when you can see their eyes) The vet said his eyes are just starting to become dry so he has nightly drops. If it gets worse he will need drops a few times a day.

As I was getting his follow up appointment and paying the door opened and a boxer and his owner stood in the door way. The boxer looked scared and I laughed and said oh is he scared of the vicious Shih Tzu? About that time Westley lunges at the dog and is growling and carrying on. I picked him up and held him. But he would not stop growling at the boxer. The boxer owner commented that Westley is vicious. I was so embarrassed. Wes is always so sweet and gentle. He has never acted like that before. I felt like I had the bully kid on the playground.


  1. Haha oh Westley! He was just trying to protect you, maybe he sensed that the boxer was mean!

    1. Shew I love that little ball of fur. I was worried for him, he could have been a snack.

  2. Hahahaha that's funny, my big dog runs from little dogs too. She likes to bark when she's safe behind her fence but put her out there face to face and she's gone.


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