Some bunny loves me

Westley had an appointment this week to get neutered. I am hoping it will stop his incessant need to piss on every box, bag, or random object he thinks is out of place. This has been exceptionally annoying since I still have boxes stuff everywhere from the move.

He did really well with the surgery. It broke my heart to pick him up at the end of the day. He laid his head on my shoulder and didn't move. I wrapped him in a blanket when we got home and he napped all evening. Then he started trying to lick and chew on his stitches. Poor baby ended up in the cone of shame for an evening, until he realized he can't do that.

My sister brought my sweet nephew Inigo up to visit Westley this weekend. Inigo was neutered the week before Westley. It has calmed him down. He was a candidate for Ritalin before the surgery. Now he is calm and snuggly.

If it wasn't bad enough that we took their manhood away we also dressed them up in bunny shirts.They are the cutest things ever. They have hoods with bunny ears. Wes has so much hair it doesn't fit over his head. But I had to share my sweet boy and his cousin. Please over look the mess and the mattress on the floor. I am still trying to find time to unpack and set everyone's rooms up.
Inigo, Westley, Emmy and Correy

Not sure why this sweetie loves, me even when I have his balls cut off and dress him up in crazy outfits he still thinks I'm the most wonderful person in the world. 


  1. haha awww poor Wes!! but he's so cute in the shirt!

  2. Those poor dogs. It's like Ralphie's Aunt sending the outfit at Christmas.-AF

    1. I know! That's exactly what I thought when I saw the shirt. And sadly I still bought it. They really like wearing clothes. You should see them going out in winter wearing their coats.

  3. Well, it's sad that he had to say goodbye to his balls, but not having to clean up pee any more... Totally worth it.

    1. So sick of cleaning up pee. I bought some industrial strength cleaner at Tractor Supply and it works well, but that isn't really the point. Its only been a few days post surgery but I think he is doing better.


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