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I am probably iced in as you read this. I was hoping we might have a glimpse of Spring soon, but apparently not.

My weekend was so fun.

  • Emmy had her Governors Cup Academic Team meet. While there I had a long conversation about Dyslexia was the college professor, I recommended the place that we took Emmy to, to get his son diagnosed.
  • I got a new tattoo. I am always such an optimist. Even when things are looking awful I try to think about the positives. So my tattoo is all about that. Its an infinity sign with hope in.
  •   Correy, Abbey's boyfriend got accepted into the trumpet line for his #1 college choice. Which just happens to be about 7 miles from where we are moving to.
  • I have been packing, dang I have a lot of junk. Haven't even put a dent in the packing
  • Tiger is so ready to move, he packed himself. He must be afraid I may forget him
  • My ex (who's house I am moving to) was going to give his kitten away because he couldn't move with him. I said I would keep the kitty. His name is Oliver. He was abandoned as a baby and was rescued by My ex's niece right before one of our big storms.Isn't that the cutest lil face ever.


  1. Aww yay for keeping the kitten! How many pets will you have now? Wes, Katness, Tiger and now Oliver? Is that all of them? Tiger in the box is so cute!!! Even he doesn't want to stay with stinky old Greg.

  2. I love that tattoo!

    I hope your doggies like kitties, mine would be chasing that poor kitty all over the house.

    1. My dog thinks he is a cat. My boy cats are so laid back and sweetie. Its my 2 females I worry about, they are bitches lol

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  4. Replies
    1. Thanks. I love having a friend that is a tattoo artist.


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