Can I have fries with that?

There is a lot of packing going on here. A lot of worrying about having a house payment of some kind again. Its been a year since I've been on my own paying all the bills and being a completely single adult. I thought I would try to ease my mind concerning finance, after all my new payment is only 50 dollars more than my rent. I haven't added any bills except my Dish but I am canceling that as soon as I move because I honestly hate the customer service anyway. Also Greg watches it more than anyone else does. The girls could live off of Netflix so I feel like I won't have a revolt on my hands by getting rid of the TV.

What I discovered made me sick to my stomach. It also made me realize why I struggle with keeping weight off. I spent 86 dollars less than my house payment on take out. Once the move is behind me and I am settled that has got to change. Not only is that unhealthy its also a complete waste of money.

I may be sporadic with my posting over the next couple of weeks. I'll be back posting more regular when I have moved and am mostly settled.


  1. Studying my finances was the worst thing ever because I sorted by 'Grubhub' which is the website here that lists (and let's you order from) every single restaurant that delivers to you. Which at my house is about 800 options. My grubhub bill was OUT OF CONTROL. Terrible. I wonder if it's possible to set up parental controls on my computer and block it from myself!

  2. Good luck with the move, eating out is so expensive but I hate cooking. Ugh.


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