Some bunny loves me

Westley had an appointment this week to get neutered. I am hoping it will stop his incessant need to piss on every box, bag, or random object he thinks is out of place. This has been exceptionally annoying since I still have boxes stuff everywhere from the move.

He did really well with the surgery. It broke my heart to pick him up at the end of the day. He laid his head on my shoulder and didn't move. I wrapped him in a blanket when we got home and he napped all evening. Then he started trying to lick and chew on his stitches. Poor baby ended up in the cone of shame for an evening, until he realized he can't do that.

My sister brought my sweet nephew Inigo up to visit Westley this weekend. Inigo was neutered the week before Westley. It has calmed him down. He was a candidate for Ritalin before the surgery. Now he is calm and snuggly.

If it wasn't bad enough that we took their manhood away we also dressed them up in bunny shirts.They are the cutest things ever. They have hoods with bunny ears. Wes has so much hair it doesn't fit over his head. But I had to share my sweet boy and his cousin. Please over look the mess and the mattress on the floor. I am still trying to find time to unpack and set everyone's rooms up.
Inigo, Westley, Emmy and Correy

Not sure why this sweetie loves, me even when I have his balls cut off and dress him up in crazy outfits he still thinks I'm the most wonderful person in the world. 


Aint nobody got time for that

I'm an impatient person. I admit it. I absolutely hate waiting for anything. I have a few tricks to ease my frustration when it comes to waiting.

Lines are the worst. While I might not be able to do anything about waiting in line at the register, unless its to use a self check out....and believe me I do. I have a trick for waiting in traffic. I by pass the light anyway I can. I will take a detour to avoid a bad light in a heart beat. Sadly there is no way to avoid the light going into the middle school and its probably the worst of all the lights.

 Waiting for the hand dryer annoys me to death. Why have only one dryer especially if its a busy restroom? I can't stand waiting for the dryer and then waiting while it dries my hands. I feel like I am missing out on life by standing there. I know it eliminates waste but it also eliminates my sanity. I avoid this by using the toilet paper. Yes it gets clumpy but at least it dries my hands in half the time.

 Why must the cats stand in the door trying to decide if they want to go out or stay in? I feel like I spend an hour a day waiting for a cat to decide what it wants to do. Of course this is remedied by giving them a nudge toward the door.

I know that its supposedly spring. I really haven't seen evidence of that yet. I'm still having to start my car every morning so I don't come outside to a frozen mess. I usually start it about 5 or 10 minutes before I am ready to leave. I just hate sitting in the car waiting for it to defrost or when the weather was really bad waiting for it to melt all the ice.

 I know I should probably take a breath and get over the little annoyances, but those few minutes hear and there add up and Aint nobody got time for that.
Something I do have time for....taking time to visit Amazon and buying Brandon and Bryan's new book. Its only .99 until March 30. So go ahead and click the link below and buy the book.....Go ahead you know you have time.


Westley vs a Boxer

I took Westley to a new vet yesterday. It was an adventure. The vet tech wrote on his paperwork that he was a poodle!?!? WHAT!! You've seen pictures of Wes he is NOT a poodle. When they weighed him he started running around the office, checking everyone out. He has pre dry eyes. Its common with Shih Tzu's because they have smooshed up little faces so their eyes kinda bug out (when you can see their eyes) The vet said his eyes are just starting to become dry so he has nightly drops. If it gets worse he will need drops a few times a day.

As I was getting his follow up appointment and paying the door opened and a boxer and his owner stood in the door way. The boxer looked scared and I laughed and said oh is he scared of the vicious Shih Tzu? About that time Westley lunges at the dog and is growling and carrying on. I picked him up and held him. But he would not stop growling at the boxer. The boxer owner commented that Westley is vicious. I was so embarrassed. Wes is always so sweet and gentle. He has never acted like that before. I felt like I had the bully kid on the playground.


Digging my way out

I am over run with boxes. I'm slowly but surely digging my way out. I'm about 90% moved. I still have some things at Greg's house but for the most part I am moved into my house. I keep walking around saying "I love my house" I've made a long term project list. Which I will share with you once I find the box with my camera in it so I can take pictures.

The cats are adjusting well. Oliver the cat that came with the house is not a fan of Westley. Westley just wants to play with him, and Oliver wants nothing to do with it. Katniss is still a bitch and hisses at all the other cats, but that's just her nature.

I finally have internet. I also got a ATT microcell booster so I can have cell signal. That thing was so easy to install. It worked great all evening, but I woke up this morning to no signal so I am not sure what is up with that.

Its nice to only have a 15 minute commute to work. I actually got the girls to school early without fighting today. Its pretty blissful.

I'm not dead

I also haven't fallen off the face of the earth or moved to a remote location that doesn't get internet. I am however, busily packing all my worldly belonging to move to a remote location that doesn't get cell signal. Yeah, Seriously.  I am 6 miles from a university and I get NO cell signal. (ATT I have 15 acres mostly all hill side, I'll let you put a tower up.) I am borrowing a cell booster and I hope that works. I do have to mention  Windstream.Who will be my sanity saver if I have no cell service. They notoriously late for everything so when they tell me, I will have phone and internet Friday, I expect it by next Wednesday. If then. They are like this even with business phones. We waited WEEKS when we set up our office and when we moved locations. Its a little ridiculous. BUT as a promotion during March they are giving all new customers a Samsung galaxy tablet. Which pretty much makes up for always being late. Since I know to expect them next week instead of this Friday it makes things a little easier to stomach. Which is completely sad that I expect bad service and its ok.

I doubt I will get a chance to post again until I am moved. But I am checking in when I can and reading whats going on in your corner of the world.  

My Town

I'm jumping on the link up bandwagon today and sharing 5 things about my city. I was a little iffy about which town to choose. The place I grew up can claim Loretta Lynn, and My friend from high school Chris Stapleton (who co wrote Drink a Beer). But I guess I should share the town I live in now.....or rather the town I am moving back to after a year hiatus in the middle of nowhere.

Morehead, Ky.

1. How can you NOT love a town called More Head? Even our name is fun. Never mind we are also the Hardwood capital of the world. I am NOT kidding.
2. We OWN Cheerleading. I know you may think the University of Kentucky is the top cheerleading school ever, but just an hour away in Morehead a small OVC school(which is why you never hear of us the SEC gets all the ESPN time). But the MSU cheerleaders hold 35 National Championship titles. No I was never a cheerleader.
3. The Daniel Boone National Forest
4. Cave Run Lake
Those would be more impressive if I was an outdoorsy person. But they do make for great photo back drops.
5. Pasquales Pizza. This is within walking distance to my office, and is also a reason why I spend so much in take out. People who come to Morehead for College and then go away after graduation, always come back for Pasquales. I reccommened the Hot ham and Cheese.....and gotta have the loaded fries. They can be a meal on their own.

Living On Sweet Tea

Can I have fries with that?

There is a lot of packing going on here. A lot of worrying about having a house payment of some kind again. Its been a year since I've been on my own paying all the bills and being a completely single adult. I thought I would try to ease my mind concerning finance, after all my new payment is only 50 dollars more than my rent. I haven't added any bills except my Dish but I am canceling that as soon as I move because I honestly hate the customer service anyway. Also Greg watches it more than anyone else does. The girls could live off of Netflix so I feel like I won't have a revolt on my hands by getting rid of the TV.

What I discovered made me sick to my stomach. It also made me realize why I struggle with keeping weight off. I spent 86 dollars less than my house payment on take out. Once the move is behind me and I am settled that has got to change. Not only is that unhealthy its also a complete waste of money.

I may be sporadic with my posting over the next couple of weeks. I'll be back posting more regular when I have moved and am mostly settled.

insert catchy title here

I am probably iced in as you read this. I was hoping we might have a glimpse of Spring soon, but apparently not.

My weekend was so fun.

  • Emmy had her Governors Cup Academic Team meet. While there I had a long conversation about Dyslexia was the college professor, I recommended the place that we took Emmy to, to get his son diagnosed.
  • I got a new tattoo. I am always such an optimist. Even when things are looking awful I try to think about the positives. So my tattoo is all about that. Its an infinity sign with hope in.
  •   Correy, Abbey's boyfriend got accepted into the trumpet line for his #1 college choice. Which just happens to be about 7 miles from where we are moving to.
  • I have been packing, dang I have a lot of junk. Haven't even put a dent in the packing
  • Tiger is so ready to move, he packed himself. He must be afraid I may forget him
  • My ex (who's house I am moving to) was going to give his kitten away because he couldn't move with him. I said I would keep the kitty. His name is Oliver. He was abandoned as a baby and was rescued by My ex's niece right before one of our big storms.Isn't that the cutest lil face ever.
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