Worst. Holiday. Ever

The calendar is reminding me that my least favorite holiday is coming up. How is it that I can't remember ever having a good Valentines Day? Surely there was one that didn't suck. Think I'm over reacting. Its ok everyone does. Here are some example of Valentines Days from years past.

In high school I dated a guy several years older than me, He had a good job, nice truck, and his own place that had real furniture. When Valentines Day rolled around I expected something. Flowers, card, phone call....anything. I got nothing. The next day flowers were delivered to the school for me. I don't know if its because he forgot, or if they were just cheaper the next day.

Another V-day I was asked what I wanted to do. I said maybe the movies. So that's what happened, only while at the movies I had to listen to him complain the whole time about what we were watching,

Valentines Day rolled around and there was no mention of the day. I went to work and came home, still no mention of the day. I needed to go back to town to get something and he said "oh, I'll tag along with you, I still need to get you something for Valentines Day." This was 8:00 at night. I was livid. I said nope Valentines Day is over.

Then there are the years where nothing is even said and I just don't get anything. I'm not saying it has to be expensive or elaborate but come on at least acknowledge it!


  1. Valentine's is just another day around here. I might get Tyson a card or something small, it seems like now that we have a kid holidays like Valentine's day just aren't that exciting or important.

    1. It was for us too when the girls were little, but they have their own valentines day plans.

  2. I hate v-day with a passion... Even though I've got a significant other who spoils me. Is it wrong that I wanna just pretend it's just a normal day? I'm pretty sure it'd break his heart.



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