Things are looking up

I mentioned yesterday that my boyfriend (or whatever you call him) doesn't like my animals and asked me to move. I also mentioned awhile back about my struggle with my credit score. What does these two have to do with each other?

Well I sent in an application to two mortgage companies and one guy talked to me for an hour. He is pretty optimistic. I do need to raise it 1 point. So I have a dispute ready to send in to experian because that's the low one.   Could you guys please send up some prayers, good vibes or whatever that I get this. I talked to the owner of the house today and she said someone else is interested in the house too.
I have known both owners of this house. Its in the neighborhood that the girls live in with their dad. Its a great neighborhood to walk dogs. It has a pool and a fenced in yard for Wes. Pretty much perfect.


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