The Dangers of Sex on the Beach....and jello shots

I've been promising Stephanie @ Not Entirely Perfect that I would tell the story of Why you should never drink sex on the beach....or do jello shots.

It was many, many years ago. My marriage (#1) was crumbling and we were trying desperately to cling to the last threads. Pretty much just because we didn't want to throw away 11 years, and we were lazy.

We were invited to a HUGE 80's theme party. I love the 80's. I love everything about the 80's. So of course I wanted to go. #1 was planning on going with me, we had a baby sitter and everything. But the day of the party he came down with the flu and couldn't go. He stayed home and I went.

It was a night of fun, crazy clothes and eye shadow that makes my eyes feel heavy just looking at the pics.
My cup was never empty. I couldn't tell you how many shots I had. It was enough that I did this
I do  NOT sing. I have no idea how  many ears I may have caused to bleed. It was a really fun night. I loved all the people there. It was night to not feel on edge, to relax a little and just enjoy life. I put the disagreements from home out of my head.

Then it happened. A friend of the groups started following me around. Telling everyone how much he loved me. Telling them that he adores my girls. That I'm perfect blah blah. You get the point. He was nice. He was charming. He was smooth. He was also a lying piece of shit. He was saying all the right things to make this poor broken hearted girl feel important. He attempted to kiss me a swarm of friends kept us separate the rest of the night.But not before I may or may not have said you can't drink sex on the beach unless you are having sex on the beach. (thankfully the little beach at cave run lake was closed for the season)

After the party he apologized but the flattery kept up. Oh how I wish someone was there to keep us separate then too. Just thinking about that makes me want a shot.

 So the moral of the story is. Don't let drunken flattery get to you. Definitely don't let it carry over into sober times. But DO go to as many 80's parties as you can. They are too fun for words.

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  1. Hahaha no more sex on the beaches for you!! You do look awesome in 80s wear though, love it.


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