Little Tree House in the woods

Yesterday I talked about how random I am about decorating. Yes sorry its yet another house post. See Ive been house hunting, but trying not to get too attached because I had already lost one house I wanted. Then yesterday something crazy happened. I got a text from my 2nd ex husband asking me if I wanted to buy his house. The absolutely gorgeous A-frame/cabin that I have always called my tree house. I explained my credit  issue and he floored me by offering to let me rent until the score is up and then I can buy it.

So I am packing as fast as I can so I can move back to my little tree house in the woods. Wait!! Didn't I say I am scared of nature? Yes I did. Well I am only about 6 miles from work, I am on a main road I just have a really long (and horrific) driveway. If you thought my current road is bad wait until I share pictures of my driveway.

Other than the cell signal it fits all my criteria. I loved this house from the moment I saw it. These are pics from when I first looked at the house. When the previous owner still owned it.
Gotta love house with a catwalk
This is after I moved in....Abbeys drums will be happy to be home. Don't you just love the floating stairs
The deck. It hangs over the driveway
Don't you love my party hat! Yes the walls slant in. 

So come party with me on my deck :)


  1. You're right, he's so much better now that you're apart haha. That is so awesome!! I'm excited for you, that's an awesome deal! And you can finally pack and get out and I can visit!!

    1. I can't wait for you to visit. I am sure I can find lots of stuff for you to organize :)

  2. Yayyyyy how great! Life is funny sometimes. I love how cute that house is!

    1. aint it though. I am so giddy right now. I feel like the first time I lived there

  3. I love it- it looks so cute! And it seems like a great situation for you :)


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