I man walks into a bar

I was just not well enough for the super bowl. It was hard to watch Peyton and the Broncos get their asses kicked. Still so sad about that.

Post game the idiocy drove me insane. I don't feel good and my tolerance level is low for BS. I deleted several people and I'm sure I got deleted by several and you know what I don't care.  I also may get my account suspended for using the F word about 30 times. But oh well on to other things.....

 I have literally been sick since last Thursday. Sunday I ate the most I had in previous 3 days and that's not saying much.

A few weeks ago I went to a bar owned by one of Greg's friends. If you ever find yourself in Lexington Kentucky you really should stop in the Backstretch Bar and Grill and tell Mike we said Hi.

Anyway while visiting this guy comes in and orders a burger. He sits at the bar beside me and precedes to eat his burger, with his eyes closed....and eats his napkin too. I tried to take a picture but the flash lit up and I didn't want to get beat up so I pretended to be doing something else.

Sorry thats all I got for you today. I just feel super cruddy still. 


  1. I hope you feel better soon!!!

  2. soooo glad I don't have facebook!

  3. Mmm, napkins. I once ate the paper that the cheese slice is stuck to, but that's because the moron in back making my burger left it on and it was hidden under all the condiments. Got a free meal and a free beer out of it, though, after I showed the very, very horrified server.


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