Happy Anniversary Westley

This week 4 years ago I was adopted by a sweet cuddly boy.

This is the story of how someone who said they would never have another dog, because they take a lot of attention found herself wrapped around the paw of a brown eyed ball of black fur.

My sister had owned two Shih Tzu's. She had Scarlet with her boyfriend Anthony, and I had just given her Princess Buttercup. So I was no stranger to how sweet the breed was. I just didn't think I had the time, energy or patience.
Princess Buttercup
Miss Scarlet

 I was working home health at the time and went to visit a patient. When I walked into his house I saw a 3 month old Westley (who he called Buddy). I of course had to talk to him and tell him what a good doggie he was. When I turned my attention from him, Westley didn't like it and started barking until I picked him up. I spent the rest of the visit holding this sweetie. When it was time to leave I told Westley that I was leaving and started to the door. He started whimpering and barking.
Is it wrong I think him ungroomed is super adorable

 The patient asked me if I wanted him. I was in shock. Why in the world was he offering me his dog. He said Westley had never acted that way toward him or anyone that had visited. How could I leave that sweet little face behind? I couldn't. So I loaded him and his toys up and his former owner told me to keep him posted on how Westley was doing. I said I would and we rode out of sight.
Of course he is a cutie after a hair cut too

He is always happy to see me. He is always ready to offer love and if I go into a room and shut the door he waits outside the door until I open it up. I tell everyone no one loves me more than Westley does. This point was driven home last night when Greg said he would like for me to move out. 

And because I've shared pics of the other Shih Tzu's in the family here is Inigo Montoya


  1. He's so cute, I just want to cuddle him all up!

  2. Aw love, Greg asked you to move out? I'm sorry (you're not, I know) but I am! I love you and I love Westley. He's the best thing to ever happen to you after the girls, and he's freaking adorable. There's nothing like a dog's love - no one loves me like Hawkeye does, not John, not my parents, no one. That dog would take a bullet for me.

  3. Lovely pets! They are surely taking your stress away :)

  4. Lol. That is a terrible picture of Buttercup. I love Shoh Tzus. They are the sweetest little lovies ever.

  5. Have I ever mentioned that your blog name is the funniest/cutest I have ever seen (heard?) That little fur baby is adorable, I want one!


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