Finding the Humor in all this icky weather

We are bracing for yet another ice storm. I am glad I saved some vacation days, but damn I am seriously sick of using them. What fun is staying at home when its too miserable to even get out?

Thankfully we don't live in the North, I can barely handle what we get. Imagine if you lived in the coldest city on earth?  Oymyakon, Russia is thought to be that city. It has an average temperature of -58 yes people that is a NEGATIVE 58.
Even though I don't have to worry about temperatures like that. I've tried to find the humor in the low temperatures where I can. Sometimes it really is the small things to get you through yet another day of cabin fever. My favorite game is to laugh at the dumb things the news station does to get their point across.

  • Driving around town with the camera on so we can see exactly what it looks like when you slide off the road. 
  • Pick up snow from the ground as you say.....Its snowing outside.
  • Holding up a hat or other item to show us how hard the snow is coming down.
Those are just a few of my favorite ways. I love that they don't trust us to just look outside and notice those big white flakes coming down.  I don't need someone to point out snow, simply saying you are going to X amount of inches is good enough for me.

My second favorite way is a drinking game I came up with.
1 drink for everytime they say treacherous
2 drinks for everytime they pick up the snow or ice to show you that it really is doing what they say it is
3 drinks for every time they tell you to stay home and don't get out unless you have to. 


  1. My favorite is the sticking of a ruler into the snow so we all know exactly how much there is.


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