Little Tree House in the woods

Yesterday I talked about how random I am about decorating. Yes sorry its yet another house post. See Ive been house hunting, but trying not to get too attached because I had already lost one house I wanted. Then yesterday something crazy happened. I got a text from my 2nd ex husband asking me if I wanted to buy his house. The absolutely gorgeous A-frame/cabin that I have always called my tree house. I explained my credit  issue and he floored me by offering to let me rent until the score is up and then I can buy it.

So I am packing as fast as I can so I can move back to my little tree house in the woods. Wait!! Didn't I say I am scared of nature? Yes I did. Well I am only about 6 miles from work, I am on a main road I just have a really long (and horrific) driveway. If you thought my current road is bad wait until I share pictures of my driveway.

Other than the cell signal it fits all my criteria. I loved this house from the moment I saw it. These are pics from when I first looked at the house. When the previous owner still owned it.
Gotta love house with a catwalk
This is after I moved in....Abbeys drums will be happy to be home. Don't you just love the floating stairs
The deck. It hangs over the driveway
Don't you love my party hat! Yes the walls slant in. 

So come party with me on my deck :)


Lets talk about design

I've decided I am not actually looking at any houses until the credit situation is straightened out. I am also not looking at any apartments because I really hate the idea of trying to find one that will allow me to have pets. I do check out zillow and I've found a few possibilities but I am not getting attached to anything. I just can't handle the disappointment of falling in love with a house and having it be sold. (are you guys getting tired of me talking about a move I haven't even started packing for?)

So while I wait, I am thinking of how I want to decorate. This will be the first time I can do whatever I want without thinking about a landlord or a partner. I decided to try to figure out my design style so I would know where to start.

When people ask what my decorating style is I usually say I don't know. I like a little bit of everything. I thought I would help myself out and do some style quizzes.
 HGTV says I am Eclectic (see HGTV letting me down again)

Your style is Eclectic

Anything goes as long as it goes together. Blending different eras and styles with a single statement.
So that doesn't really help me much.

Who knows what I am actually going to end up with. Here are some designs I've pinned that I am loving. 



Must Love Pets

Since word has gotten out about my impending move, I have gotten lots of support from friends. The support from blog friends has been awesome and I love you all.  Lots of offers to help me move, offers to help me pack, and suggestions that I take all the toilet paper and remote controls. Which is absurd that it made me laugh. However, it  made one of Greg's friends who is stalking me on social media so concerned that he sent the link to the conversation so Greg could be prepared. Ummmm yeah because toilet paper and remotes are serious business lol. He should lock up the good china because apparently I am a thief. (Hi friend! Hope you enjoy the blog)

I have also gotten offers to fix me up with people and suggestions on dating sites. Must love pets and Farmer only were two specific suggestions. Farmers only made me laugh. As much as I love animals and cows, nature terrifies me, and so does physical labor. I think I will take dating video advice from Debbie.

Its hard not to look at this move as an ending (even though he says its not) and think about my future. Lets be honest here. even though I fight aging with everything I have, and no one guesses my age correctly, I am on the wrong side of 30 with a hoard of pets. I am off to a great start on being the crazy cat lady who lives alone and everyone avoids and calls a witch. I am already skipping down that road. I got a message this week from a friend saying he heard I was wiccan.

So if you see me don't be scared just know that I may act strange and I may be covered in cat and dog hair, but I am just a nice normal woman that loves animals and is just waiting for her soul mate (who I believe may have been aborted). But he really must love pets.


I am...

an animal lover
lover of all things colorful
a closet romantic
awkward in new situations
willing to kill for my babies....both real and furry
a lover of movies
a procrastinator
a published poet
fan of cows
hoarder of purses and bags
not a natural redhead
chronically late
terrible with directions
a list maker
worst cook ever
shy at first
craft addict
easily hurt
tired of liars
a survivor 


The Dangers of Sex on the Beach....and jello shots

I've been promising Stephanie @ Not Entirely Perfect that I would tell the story of Why you should never drink sex on the beach....or do jello shots.

It was many, many years ago. My marriage (#1) was crumbling and we were trying desperately to cling to the last threads. Pretty much just because we didn't want to throw away 11 years, and we were lazy.

We were invited to a HUGE 80's theme party. I love the 80's. I love everything about the 80's. So of course I wanted to go. #1 was planning on going with me, we had a baby sitter and everything. But the day of the party he came down with the flu and couldn't go. He stayed home and I went.

It was a night of fun, crazy clothes and eye shadow that makes my eyes feel heavy just looking at the pics.
My cup was never empty. I couldn't tell you how many shots I had. It was enough that I did this
I do  NOT sing. I have no idea how  many ears I may have caused to bleed. It was a really fun night. I loved all the people there. It was night to not feel on edge, to relax a little and just enjoy life. I put the disagreements from home out of my head.

Then it happened. A friend of the groups started following me around. Telling everyone how much he loved me. Telling them that he adores my girls. That I'm perfect blah blah. You get the point. He was nice. He was charming. He was smooth. He was also a lying piece of shit. He was saying all the right things to make this poor broken hearted girl feel important. He attempted to kiss me a swarm of friends kept us separate the rest of the night.But not before I may or may not have said you can't drink sex on the beach unless you are having sex on the beach. (thankfully the little beach at cave run lake was closed for the season)

After the party he apologized but the flattery kept up. Oh how I wish someone was there to keep us separate then too. Just thinking about that makes me want a shot.

 So the moral of the story is. Don't let drunken flattery get to you. Definitely don't let it carry over into sober times. But DO go to as many 80's parties as you can. They are too fun for words.

HGTV lies

I love HGTV. When I am in control of the remote I am always watching HGTV and it seems like the name of the channel should be changed to the House Hunter channel because thats about all that is on. Maybe not always the show titled House Hunters, but show after show of people buying houses. They make it all look so easy. 23 year olds have 20+ thousand ready for a down payment and they of course have a preapproval letter. They are buying 200 thousand dollar homes and worrying about the color of the granite in the kitchen. None of these people look stressed. None of these people look like they have gotten about 2 hours of sleep. None of these people look like they comb Zillow, Trulia, and the MLS daily.
 Real life is way different. There are divorces that mess up your credit, and years of repairing to be right on the cusp of being qualified. I'm still not sure how people barely old enough to have graduated college have that much money for a down payment, or jobs that can pay a mortgage of that amount.

In real life there are houses that fall through and backups that come available. There is fixer uppers but no Jonathan  to remodel them for you. The agents are never like Drew.
 HGTV needs to get back to the good old days of people slapping some paint on a wall and adding some pillows. I can redecorate. I can paint, I just can't stand to watch the unrealistic approach to home buying.

As an update my house fell through and now I have about 4 inferior backups. I'm hoping for a miracle. When people ask me what I'm looking for in a house they are always surprised when I say, I want the smallest yard I can get. Something big enough for a pool and an area for westley and that's it. I am not picky about what the house looks like inside or out because paint is cheap and ugly wallpaper can be removed. You would be surprised at how many houses I've looked at that have the entire inside papered. I'm not afraid of a fixer upper as long as nothing construction related needs done. My grandfather may have been a contractor but I am not, and he has passed. That would just not be a pretty outcome. Also I need cell signal. You would think in todays world that we would have cell service everywhere. That's not the case here. I also don't want to have to drive more than 15 minutes from the center of town. That's it. That is pretty much my only criteria for purchasing a house.

If you're visiting me from Kelli's blog. Hi and welcome. Hope you come back and visit. 


Things I'm hating

This week has been one of the roughest in my life. I feel completely out of control of my life. Out of control is a feeling I absolutely detest. I pride myself on usually sensing when a change is coming and making a plan A, B and C to counteract the change. But this week has blindsided me.

1. I hate Credit Score and how online it gives you a nice high amount more than enough to be a strong middle number, but when the loan officer pulls your credit you see that it hasn't changed and you still need 1 point to buy a house.

2. Moving on to the fact that banks are THAT FREAKIN' STRINGENT, that 1 point can hold someone back.

3. I hate that yet again Valentines Day has sucked. This year has definitely been a record. I've never been asked to move out for Valentines Day before. Not sure to be happy or sad that Valentines Day seems to have hit rock bottom. Is there a down from here?

4. I hate the owners had to take the realtors advice and take the offer they had on the house that was so perfect for me and the girlies and animals.

5. I hate I have to avoid all forms of social media today because it hurts too bad to see other people so happy and in love.

6. I hate real estate agents.

7. I hate this winter that will never end.

I think that is about the extent of my hate at the moment.

Things are looking up

I mentioned yesterday that my boyfriend (or whatever you call him) doesn't like my animals and asked me to move. I also mentioned awhile back about my struggle with my credit score. What does these two have to do with each other?

Well I sent in an application to two mortgage companies and one guy talked to me for an hour. He is pretty optimistic. I do need to raise it 1 point. So I have a dispute ready to send in to experian because that's the low one.   Could you guys please send up some prayers, good vibes or whatever that I get this. I talked to the owner of the house today and she said someone else is interested in the house too.
I have known both owners of this house. Its in the neighborhood that the girls live in with their dad. Its a great neighborhood to walk dogs. It has a pool and a fenced in yard for Wes. Pretty much perfect.

Happy Anniversary Westley

This week 4 years ago I was adopted by a sweet cuddly boy.

This is the story of how someone who said they would never have another dog, because they take a lot of attention found herself wrapped around the paw of a brown eyed ball of black fur.

My sister had owned two Shih Tzu's. She had Scarlet with her boyfriend Anthony, and I had just given her Princess Buttercup. So I was no stranger to how sweet the breed was. I just didn't think I had the time, energy or patience.
Princess Buttercup
Miss Scarlet

 I was working home health at the time and went to visit a patient. When I walked into his house I saw a 3 month old Westley (who he called Buddy). I of course had to talk to him and tell him what a good doggie he was. When I turned my attention from him, Westley didn't like it and started barking until I picked him up. I spent the rest of the visit holding this sweetie. When it was time to leave I told Westley that I was leaving and started to the door. He started whimpering and barking.
Is it wrong I think him ungroomed is super adorable

 The patient asked me if I wanted him. I was in shock. Why in the world was he offering me his dog. He said Westley had never acted that way toward him or anyone that had visited. How could I leave that sweet little face behind? I couldn't. So I loaded him and his toys up and his former owner told me to keep him posted on how Westley was doing. I said I would and we rode out of sight.
Of course he is a cutie after a hair cut too

He is always happy to see me. He is always ready to offer love and if I go into a room and shut the door he waits outside the door until I open it up. I tell everyone no one loves me more than Westley does. This point was driven home last night when Greg said he would like for me to move out. 

And because I've shared pics of the other Shih Tzu's in the family here is Inigo Montoya


Tattoo day

Friday I took Correy to get his first tattoo. My friend Shawn is a fantastic tattoo artist, I was so happy that he agreed to do Correy's. He is going to do my next one too, as soon as I nail down what exactly it is I want. The good thing about using a friend is that you can joke and have a good time about silly designs. Another friend of mine came to watch the fun.

This is Correy's new tattoo. Taken right after he got it.

I had to show off my cow, that I got several years ago. They laughed saying I need a chicken now.

I told Shawn that our friend Aaron wanted this tattoo.
Aaron told Shawn that I wanted this one.
Sorry I don't know where to credit these pics too. So if they are yours and you are brave enough to admit it, let me know and I'll give you credit.


Finding the Humor in all this icky weather

We are bracing for yet another ice storm. I am glad I saved some vacation days, but damn I am seriously sick of using them. What fun is staying at home when its too miserable to even get out?

Thankfully we don't live in the North, I can barely handle what we get. Imagine if you lived in the coldest city on earth?  Oymyakon, Russia is thought to be that city. It has an average temperature of -58 yes people that is a NEGATIVE 58.
Even though I don't have to worry about temperatures like that. I've tried to find the humor in the low temperatures where I can. Sometimes it really is the small things to get you through yet another day of cabin fever. My favorite game is to laugh at the dumb things the news station does to get their point across.

  • Driving around town with the camera on so we can see exactly what it looks like when you slide off the road. 
  • Pick up snow from the ground as you say.....Its snowing outside.
  • Holding up a hat or other item to show us how hard the snow is coming down.
Those are just a few of my favorite ways. I love that they don't trust us to just look outside and notice those big white flakes coming down.  I don't need someone to point out snow, simply saying you are going to X amount of inches is good enough for me.

My second favorite way is a drinking game I came up with.
1 drink for everytime they say treacherous
2 drinks for everytime they pick up the snow or ice to show you that it really is doing what they say it is
3 drinks for every time they tell you to stay home and don't get out unless you have to. 


Worst. Holiday. Ever

The calendar is reminding me that my least favorite holiday is coming up. How is it that I can't remember ever having a good Valentines Day? Surely there was one that didn't suck. Think I'm over reacting. Its ok everyone does. Here are some example of Valentines Days from years past.

In high school I dated a guy several years older than me, He had a good job, nice truck, and his own place that had real furniture. When Valentines Day rolled around I expected something. Flowers, card, phone call....anything. I got nothing. The next day flowers were delivered to the school for me. I don't know if its because he forgot, or if they were just cheaper the next day.

Another V-day I was asked what I wanted to do. I said maybe the movies. So that's what happened, only while at the movies I had to listen to him complain the whole time about what we were watching,

Valentines Day rolled around and there was no mention of the day. I went to work and came home, still no mention of the day. I needed to go back to town to get something and he said "oh, I'll tag along with you, I still need to get you something for Valentines Day." This was 8:00 at night. I was livid. I said nope Valentines Day is over.

Then there are the years where nothing is even said and I just don't get anything. I'm not saying it has to be expensive or elaborate but come on at least acknowledge it!


I man walks into a bar

I was just not well enough for the super bowl. It was hard to watch Peyton and the Broncos get their asses kicked. Still so sad about that.

Post game the idiocy drove me insane. I don't feel good and my tolerance level is low for BS. I deleted several people and I'm sure I got deleted by several and you know what I don't care.  I also may get my account suspended for using the F word about 30 times. But oh well on to other things.....

 I have literally been sick since last Thursday. Sunday I ate the most I had in previous 3 days and that's not saying much.

A few weeks ago I went to a bar owned by one of Greg's friends. If you ever find yourself in Lexington Kentucky you really should stop in the Backstretch Bar and Grill and tell Mike we said Hi.

Anyway while visiting this guy comes in and orders a burger. He sits at the bar beside me and precedes to eat his burger, with his eyes closed....and eats his napkin too. I tried to take a picture but the flash lit up and I didn't want to get beat up so I pretended to be doing something else.

Sorry thats all I got for you today. I just feel super cruddy still. 

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