Things I learned on Thursday

Someone in my office building is a doucebag. How else do you explain turning all the lights off at 4:00pm so I can't see the bottom steps and fall onto my ankle.

I should use moisturizer more often

If someone offers to take you to the ER you should let them especially if home is 30+ miles away

Driving 30+ miles using only your left foot is hard

You should always have a pedicure just in case the entire staff of the ER wants to touch your ankle

Being the only patient in the ER means you will be super popular

But not popular enough that they offer you a wheelchair even though your car is parked  on the other side of the hospital, and you are alone

Walking on Crutches sucks ass (but I think I am going to paint them pink to make it bearable)

Especially when you have a giant purse full of reading material because you assumed you'd be at the hospital for ever

Coming home to an empty house and a gimpy leg is depressing but at least I had Psych on my DVR

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  1. Ouchie! I hope you heal quickly. I have ugly never-pedicured feet.

    1. At least my toes were painted, but it had been ages so honestly I'm not sure it was an improvement

  2. Awww no! Poor thing :( That sucks, feeling any better today?

  3. Good advice... I should go get a pedicure... and probs shave my legs... because I've already fallen twice this winter in the Walmart parking lot and not gotten hurt. I know my luck won't hold out forever!


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