Thanks Target, Its all your fault

I have just had no motivation to blog lately. Actually I've had no motivation to do anything. It may have something to do with Its so freakin' cold here, and it snows as soon as we get the roads cleared. , The girls hadn't gone to school at all last week, went today and its already canceled for tomorrow. I have no routine anymore.

Remember back when the Target drama was going on? Well I blew it off. Yeah I had shopped at Target, yeah I used my debit card. But I check my statement often and there has been nothing weird so I didn't worry.

That is until Friday about 4:00 when I stopped to get gas and my card didn't work, I checked my account balance and nothing weird was on it. I tried it at a different gas station. It still didn't work. I called my bank and was told they deactivated my card to protect me from the breach. They said I got a letter, but I didn't. I had no prior knowledge that I was going to be left unable to access my money for 3 days. I tried to stop at a branch to get a new card but the system was down and I couldn't.

I didn't realize how much I relied on that little piece of plastic until I couldn't use it anymore.

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  1. Michaels apparently had a data breach, as well.

    (If there was *ever* going to be one I'd think you'd get caught in, it'd be that one...)

  2. I hate being without a working debit card, it takes so long to get a replacement and I don't carry cash. UGH


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