It's sneeting and slowing outside

Its Sunday night (as I type) and we are expecting another storm, I took Friday off because of snow. I hate to take another day, but I hate the idea of driving so far to work in icky weather.

So you may (or may not) be wondering about my post title. When I was in high school we had a winter like the one we are having now. The kind where its snows and ices at just the right moment for you to miss a bunch a of school, but not really hamper everyday travel (much) After several days of now school we were actually feeling some cabin fever and was missing our friends. It was late and I was feeling a little slap happy. I looked out the window and yelled.....Its sneeting and slowing. My mom and sister laughed like they had heard the funniest joke ever. I have never lived that down. The girls are feeling restless too. They are missing their friends and are getting on each others nerves. So tonight Abbey is staying with a friend.

Honestly its not just kids its affecting. My family seems to have gone off the deep end. Although if you knew some of my family, you'd understand they dove off that end ages ago. This is just another reason that facebook is the devil. My sister posted on her fb after catching my dad smoking (you may remember we visited the hospital everyday for 3 months the hospital was 1 1/2 hours away from me and 45 for my sister, and fought with doctors who wanted us to give up on him and just let him die. We sat by him with tubes coming out of him and taught ourselves how to read the machines so we could make informed decisions.) She said that we wouldn't be doing that again. That my youngest spent her birthday at the hospital, we didn't really rest until he was discharged. We happily did it at the time, but we would not be repeating that, because he chose to start smoking again. You can read about our hospital stay here, here, and here,

One uncle called my sister and said if we would have let him stay with either of us so we could watch him this wouldn't have happened. (never mind neither of us has room and we are never home) She told him that she only saw him at the hospital a few times during those 3 months so he didn't get a say. The daughter in law of an aunt is pregnant (her 6th kid) and is worried about miscarriage yet not so much that she didn't jump in the middle of it all. Heather (my sister) told her what we thought about her opinion. Our aunt called our mom (her ex sister in law) to tell mom she was a bad mother because Heather told her daughter in law off. Yeah you read that right. Mom is a bad mother because her adult daughter had the nerve to talk badly to my aunts daughter in law. See the craziness I deal with? People need to grow the fuck up.

I hope this storm passes quickly and people find drama that doesn't affect me to focus on.
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  1. I stopped having to deal with the drama in my family by no longer talking to them. Is that a solution? Also, I love the new layout and the name. Is today a Hollyday too, or just all of the other days?

    1. I rarely speak to them. I actively avoid it, only when its something concerning dad do I ever really say anything. If I could move far away (farther than the hour I am) and never have to speak to them, I would. Today is most definitely a Hollyday, its just a really cold one.

  2. I don't talk to most of my family for this reason. My mom's mom is a fire starter. Everyone knows she has some undiagnosed mental illness (they obviously didn't diagnose those things when she was a kid and now she's too stubborn) but it's not an excuse for the crap way she treats everyone. I haven't talked to her in 15 years. Half my life. Good riddance.


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