Its ok...really it is

Its Ok that...

I stopped checking page views. I am doing this for me after all so what should it matter if anyone reads me. I'm glad they do, but I'm not obsessing.

That I had ice cream when it was -8 outside....Mmmmmm Mint Chocolate Chip

That I've been insanely lazy since Christmas break I'm trying to get motivated, its just hard when I want to hibernate.

That I don't watch reality TV.  (of course this doesn't count anything by David Tutera and the HGTV shows) If you ask me anything about the bachelor I will look at you blankly.

That I really want to watch the super bowl at home. No party, just me and the game. 

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  1. The Bachelor? What is that? Lol I haven't watched it since Tristan and Ryan 10 years ago and to be honest - I only remember that because I saw a magazine cover a couple weeks ago about their 10 year anniversary. Hoo boy - that's OLD.

  2. I check my page views about once a day, not for the number but because I like to see where my readers are at.

  3. I check my page views once in awhile. I try not to go too crazy. But sometimes I'm like, "Why aren't more people reading me? Wah!" But then I calm down again.

    I'll eat ice cream whenever. The stuff is awesome.

  4. I want to hibernate too, so I know how you feel! I also don't like Super Bowl parties. If I'm at home alone I can stuff my face and not feel guilty about it, haha.

  5. i's ok ;) Great post.


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