Dyslexia update

I had a  post all planned for today. I was going to have it ready to post at 8 am like I usually do, and one thing after another resulted in me not getting it done. So tonight I just want to share the biggest news I've gotten in awhile.

I got a phone call from Emmy's school today. In the past this would make me cringe before answering because it was always something negative. If you glance at the Dyslexia page you can read our story. Its been a rough road and I somehow have managed to refrain from punching a few people.

Sorry I got side tracked. I got a call from the school to tell me that Emmy (my child who they wanted to hold back two years ago and I fought it, my child who last year was reading 2 YEARS below grade level) got asked to join the academic team.

She had mentioned that she thought she would like it, because her sister did it. I didn't have the heart to tell her that she may not get asked to join. I didn't want to burst her bubble. I know that she could do it, I know that she is smart. But we haven't had luck in the past with teachers recognizing that. However he teacher this year is AMAZING and sees Emmy's potential. She is the Miss Honey from the movie Matilda (ok not really but close enough).

I can't express how happy I am that she has come so far. She is such a determined girl.

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  1. Woot! ^^

    And besides, dyslexia won't matter when she's on the Quick Recall buzzers (assuming they still use those, like back in our day).

    1. That's true. She has a memory that is scary good. Her sister wasn't very good a Quick Recall but she was the ringer they brought in to write and to answer any English Lit question.

  2. Replies
    1. It makes me want call her old teacher up and tell her the news. But I can't promise I would be civil so I better not.

  3. Replies
    1. I was so excited I nearly fell out of my chair, then I could have two hurt ankles.

  4. Yay for Emmy! (BTW, love her name.) Also, glad to know there are still caring and wonderful teachers in the world, like hers! :)

    1. Thanks! her sister named her after Emmy after the cartoon Dragon Tails. She has such a wonderful teacher this year. I wish she could follow us until Emmy is out of school. I really wanted to punch her 2nd grade teacher in the face. Actually I still want to punch her in the face lol,


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