Chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side

Does anyone remember that song?

Its freaken' cold! I bet everyone is tired of the weather, and of hearing people complain about the weather. I'm sorry to keep moaning about it. I am ready to pack up and move somewhere warm. House Hunter Hawaii marathons are not helping my mood concerning this awful weather. To make myself feel better I am trying to make comfort foods. Nothing says comfort like homemade Chicken noodle soup. I make it from scratch....well mostly scratch.

But, I have a confession, I am super picky about noodles. Not just noodles for the chicken noodle soup but all pasta dishes. If I don't have the right noodles I can't eat it. Wouldn't you know that I was out of the appropriate noodles I didn't realize it until the broth was ready. It was pointed out that I had some macaroni noodles but seriously, the thought of macaroni shaped noodle soup made me want to hurl. After another trip to the store I had medium egg noodles. I would actually be happier with smaller ones but this is the smallest I could find.

My pasta aversion is so strong I can't eat shells and cheese (actually I can't eat the shells at all because it seems unnatural). My spaghetti has to be the angel hair. I'd probably starve if I had to eat  tomatoes and macaroni. Which for some reason is really popular around here.

Please tell me I am not the only crazy person, with noodle issues?

You know what else I hate about this horrible cold weather? I can't stop eating. At least Chicken noodle soup wasn't as bad as the epic cheesy fries I rewarded myself with Monday. I went to work, in the frigid temps, that deserved a reward right?

Actually while I'm complaining. I have to say I am getting sick of the hump day crap, can we agree its 15 minutes of fame is over?  and how the crap is it ONLY? Surely its Friday....right? Ok I think I am finished complaining for today. Stay warm everyone.

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  1. I love homemade chicken noodle but I won't eat anything but egg noodles in it! :)

  2. I never actually thought about it, but you're so right. I would never tolerate macaroni noodles in chicken soup. Or egg noodles in marinara sauce. They just don't work!


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