Christmas Traditions Simplified

Last week I mentioned that this year my girls and I decided to simplify Christmas by only doing things we want to. No more feeling obligated to do anything. It may make some family members mad but at one point everyone has to make there own memories and traditions. Here are a few of things that we are doing and not doing.

Decorating the House: We (and by we, I mean my sister) decorated my mantle for us. We put our tree up and the Christmas Village, and wreaths on the doors. 

Cookies: We haven't done this yet, but its on the to do list. I am a terrible cook so fingers crossed that I don't burn the house down. I think the girls just want to decorate them so maybe I can pass off store bought sugar cookies.

Charity: We made and donated boxes for Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child. The girls wanted to do a box for each age group so we did 3. You can read about it here. We also adopted an angel off of the angel tree. We chose a 14 year old girl. Because older kids often get forgotten about. Plus its easier for us to shop for teenage girls.

Presents: We shopped for people, but stopped at those we care about. We felt it better to give to charity than random people we never see. In the past we have made our own bows and gift tags. This year if we have time and do it, then great. If we don't get to it, then we won't stress about it.

Traveling: We aren't doing it. Its the same as it was for Thanksgiving. We want to celebrate at home.

Cards: Nope not doing them. We will possibly take pics and maybe do a digital card but I won't be ordering and addressing cards. We also aren't doing a yearly newsletter. Sorry but If they haven't kept up with us throughout the year then the chance that they even care enough to read the letter is slim. Besides they can always come here and read what we've been up to.

Food: We haven't really talked about this much. Growing up we would have dinner at my moms parents and open presents. As I got older the dinner turned into finger foods. I really hated that. Then I got married and my ex and I would alternate years with out families. His family would do Christmas Eve service at their church then go to their grandmas house and eat roast and open presents and the next morning they'd have a big Christmas Day breakfast.  We may do a combination of this. It will probably only be me, the girls and my dad and sister so a big meal would go to waste.

Entertainment: We do have plans to drive around and look at lights. This is one of our favorite things. We also have to attend the Christmas programs that they are in. But, we are skipping the Christmas parade. We hate the cold and standing. So standing in the cold to watch the parade is too much like torture.  We went shopping last weekend and enjoyed the piano player in  the mall. He was playing Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera and I totally geeked out. My high school band played Andrew LLoyd Weber so much I can still play that song if someone handed me a Clarinet.

How to make a snowflake shirt

I've pretty much just given up on this week. I was off on Monday for MLK massive snowfall on Tuesday so I didn't make it to work. Wednesday I still couldn't really get out. Today I finally made it to work Wooohoo, but I was swamped.

I spent my unexpected snow days playing with my new Silhouette Cameo. I hadn't really had time to do much but this week with some time on my hands I decided to make Em a snowflake shirt to remember all the snow we've had this winter. I want to share how easy it was.

 I used the glitter heat transfer paper from hobby lobby (cricuit brand because they don't sale Silhouette brand.)

I bought the 2 snow flake design from the 50% off designs. It was only 50 cents.

Load it on your screen. Click un group. reposition where you want. I wanted three snowflakes all in a row so I lined them up and then duplicated the first design (edit duplicate) I moved it to the opposite side of the heart snowflake.

Draw a box around all three snowflakes and then click object group. Then I re sized by grabbing the right bottom.

Pull the plastic off the transfer paper and load onto your mat.
Speed 3
Thickness 33
Blade 6
It printed out just fine and I gently removed it from the mat and placed in on the shirt and ironed it (place something light over it so you don't melt the design. )
There ya go completely easy.

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Weeping Angel on the shelf

Since Christmas has passed and all the elves on the shelves have gone back to the North Pole to wait until its time to scare little kids into behaving, again. I began to think, what are we suppose to do the rest of the year?

Of course we could teach our children right from wrong, but where is the fun in that? (kidding)

If you are a Dr Who fan (whovian) I have the perfect method for keeping your children behaving (or paralyzed in fear....but same diff)

If you have no idea what I am talking about you can find the episode on Netflix

"Blink" is the tenth episode of the third series of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It was first broadcast on 9 June 2007 on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)." (Abbey said 3rd season of the NEW series.) "In the episode, the Doctor—a time travelling alien played by David Tennant—and his companion Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) are trapped in the past and try to warn a young woman, Sally Sparrow (Carey Mulligan), how to prevent the Weeping Angels from taking control of the TARDIS." Source Wikipedia

I thought it was funny how scared she is of angel statues now (can we say bad mom award). Everyday, We pass a house that has about 5 or 6 in the yard yard. That in itself freaks me out. But the angels freak Abbey out, which cracks me up. (Yeah, totally mom of the year here)  It did get me me thinking we really needed one of these.

Which brings me to this little beauty. Meet the newest member of our house.....Our weeping Angel. I move her from different parts of the house (just like an elf on the shelf) when the children aren't looking. This means they are always on guard and they aren't tempted to play with the Weeping Angel like they were our Elf. 

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