Wishing for a snow day

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and survived black Friday.

I really, really, really, wish I didn't have to go to work today. After the long weekend I had, I really (have I used that word enough yet) a day of curling up in bed. I could have taken the day off. I have nearly a month of vacation time saved up. But since I have to take the girls to school it just makes sense to just go on in to work. That, and I set up an appointment for tomorrow. What was I thinking?

I had a great weekend. You may remember I was taking Abbey's boyfriend (one of Greg's band kids, Yes I am the BEST girlfriend's mom EVER) to audition for the Bluecoats. Not familiar with the Bluecoats they are a Drum Corps.  This is what time I had to get up. Then I had to drive 6 hours.
 He didn't make it but I would do it again. Its such a good experience for him. He has such drive and dedication. His passion for music is infectious. It really gets you excited. But our whirlwind trip means I am worn out.
While Correy was busy working his butt off trying to make the Corps, Heather and I were doing some hard core shopping. Which reminds me there was a street named Everhard. I still laugh about that, because I am apparently an adolescent kid.
I thought the percussion leader guy (sue me I don't know the technical name for his job) was so cute.I wanted to ask if I could run my fingers through his hair, but I thought he would think I was crazy. Heather thought he looked like Iggy Pop. Watching the drumline I realized Abbey has a TON of work to do to even think about being ready to audition for any drum corps. She has her heart set on Phantom Regiment which would mean she and Correy would march with different bands....AGAIN. The bluecoats had a girl drummer audition for snare, that was awesome and she was beautiful. I hope she makes it.

Anyway. Its December and Thanksgiving is over and its all I can do not to make every single post about Christmas, which is my favorite Holiday (after the original Holly-day of course). 


  1. He looked like Iggy Pop AND was cute? So... you're talking about Iggy Pop from 30 years ago and not skin-hanging-off-the-bones, Skeletor-style Iggy Pop of today right?

  2. Iggy Pop lookalike? AWESOME! and hey, I am often compared to an adolescent. Keeps us young, right!?

  3. You really are the best girlfriend's mom ever! I got up that early to go shopping on black Friday.

  4. I did not do Black Friday. I was too frightened.


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