The stockings were hung

The holidays are crazy around here. I may have mentioned I have a non standard custody/visitation with my ex husband. We agreed on shared custody with no primary. That means we have them an equal amount of time and we both can make decisions on what is best for them. I'll go into more detail on that another time. I just want you to realize that because of our arrangement we don't really have a routine for the holidays. We alternate who gets the girls for what. That means we can't necessarily have a tradition of jammies and cocoa before bed on Christmas Eve and open presents Christmas Day kind of tradition, because they aren't in the same place every year.

We need to make traditions where we can and make what traditions we have count. It really is the little things sometimes. We have a tradition of putting the Christmas tree up together. They help until they lose interest. But they always want to put their hallmark 1st Christmas series ornaments up no matter what.

Aside from that we have a tradition of hanging stockings. The stocking go up when the tree does and they stay empty until time to open presents. We each get stuff in our stockings. We try to include novelty items that aren't common. I love shopping for the stocking. I buy stuff throughout the year and keep it hidden until the big reveal. I won't share Abbey's stocking because she occasionally reads the blog, but I'll share Emmy's. I found bear shaped lip gloss, some finger puppet stickers, and garbage pail kid cards. I'll also toss in some candy and small pieces of jewelry.

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  1. Much virtue in a good stocking. When I was a kid, they were all that let mom get any sleep *at all* on Christmas morning.

    The rule was, I could go ahead and get into my stocking whenever I happened to wake up (which was often in the wee hours of the morning), but no coming to bother her or opening other presents until well after sunrise. Since one of the stocking stuffers was usually a book, it kept me quiet and occupied.

  2. Em is getting 3 new books in her stocking (guess I forgot to add that to the list) and one wrapped with a doll is goes with. When she asked me to find her a certain book she is on a long wait list for I went a little crazy. Its the first time she has ever shown an interest in reading and I think I went overboard buying up a series.

  3. Stocking presents are the most fun presents to buy! I am always looking for fun unique stuff.

  4. I really loved what you said... "we need to make traditions where we can and make what traditions we have count". And stockings are always my favourite part too! :)


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