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I kicked Greg out this weekend.

No not forever just for the day. The girls were at their dad's and Greg took some kids to audition for All-State concert band (yes my adopted son, Correy went too). With the house to myself I went back and forth on what to do all day. I almost painted the bathroom. Its on my 101 list, and the bathroom is small so I thought I could knock it out in a few hours. But I really needed to wrap some presents. They were scattered through out the house and even though the girls don't believe in Santa and it wouldn't be a big deal if they spied some of their gifts, I did want some things to be a surprise.

Back when I was newly married I was wrapping presents at my in-laws house and my sister in law laughed at my wrapping skills.  I really hate wrapping, but I don't like how gift bags alone look under the tree. I also don't like how fast gift bags make the present opening experience go. Over the years I learned some tips for disguising my sub par wrapping, because no matter how much I practice I still can't get Martha Stewart quality corners.

Start with a theme. I love taking presents to my mom's or Greg's family and having everyone know which presents are from me because they are the same color palate. Some years I do something different for each group of people I have gifts for.

This year I chose the color scheme Red, Black and White. My goal was elegant and sparkly.
I started with a White and Black damask print paper that I found at Hobby Lobby. They almost always have their Christmas stuff on sale so I got the roll for 2.00. If you download the Hobby Lobby app you can see what their weekly sales are and get a 30% off coupon every time you visit. Its one of my favorite apps. (this is not a sponsored post. I just REALLY love Hobby Lobby) Hobby Lobby also had sparkly elegant gift tags, but I knew I was going to need a lot and wanted something a little cheaper. I found black glitter scrapbook card stock paper at walmart for a dollar a sheet (came in a 2pk) I used my 1 1/2 circle punch to make the tags and tied them to the packages with black embroidery floss. To add the touches of red I bought several rolls of red glitter tape (also at walmart). The red bow I made using red glitter tulle (also Walmart). The packages turned out so pretty you don't even notice that the wrapping is crappy.

The Cost
Paper 2.00
Tags 2.00 (for 2 sheets)
Trim 1.97 (per roll, I used about 4 rolls total)
Bows 4.00 (makes more than I needed)

How to have packages that WOW!
1. Choose quality paper
2. Pick a theme to tie your presents together
3. Add embellishments to the top.
4. You can't go wrong with sparkles

It just isn't Christmas until the presents are wrapped.

I'm linking up with Amber and Erin for the 12 days of Christmas.


  1. I hate wrapping presents and I too suck at it, I'm just glad my 4 year old doesn't care yet. :)

    1. Thankfully kids prefer what's inside the package and don't really care what the outside looks like.

  2. Meanwhile I wrap mine in newspaper and are lucky if the edges are even. You say you're no Martha Stewart, but I say I most definitely have you beat in that department.

    1. newsprint is very trendy right now. My edges are absolutely not even, hell its a wonder the tape is sticking

  3. Those look sooo much better than mine. :( your present is in a gift bag.

  4. I love your signature wrap! it looks great!!

    1. Thanks! I went back and forth on pattern and color scheme, but I knew when I saw this print that I had to have it.


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