It's the day I've dreamed about all week. Especially since this week has crawled by. Why is it that when you know you have a chunk of vacation time coming the days leading up to the time off is so slow. Plus me and a real estate agent are the ONLY people in this entire office building.

Without further delay here are my fave things from the week.

1. Greg had his Christmas concert last night. I was formally introduced to Correy (Abbey's boyfriends dad) I responded with have you met my son yet while pointing at Correy. He laughed. I was kinda serious. The concert went better than I anticipated. I still miss his old assistant (and the assistants wife) Its lonely in the bleachers.
This is the 6th grade band they are about 1/4 the size they use to be....sooo sad

2. I am officially done shopping AND wrapping, I may have picked myself up a few things. Like an emerald necklace and a pink tote, and new Jen Lancaster books. The UPS guy said he loves delivering to me because I am always so excited. I can't help it. I love getting packages even if it is packages of things I bought myself.

I was torn between the two but Pink won out.
It has a cute black and white polkadot lining.

3. I ran into the owner of a house I have been wanting to buy. She said it is going off the market on Jan. 8. After talking to the girls they are against buying it because they think being in the same subdivision as their dad would cause issues. I'm thinking yeah like exchange days would mean they walk between the houses. Its a WIN/WIN to me.

4. Its not really a fave but it is ironic. I was JUST thinking about how sick I am of seeing Duck Dynasty crap everywhere I look. I swear these people are the biggest marketing whores I've ever seen. There is literally Duck Dynasty nail polish, and beef jerky. I started to take a picture of all the DD shit as I was shopping but I got tired after the 40th product. Then what should happen but this whole he said WHAT!?! scandal. I am hiding my head under the covers until its all over. I really thought I was sick of it before. I had no idea what it could have been.
Seriously who would use this?
People actually eat off this? That's just icky to me.
5. I have all next week off!!! I am pretty sure I am taking Christmas Eve and Day off from blogging. Have a great weekend and I'll see you bright and early next Monday.

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  1. That is sooooo awesome that you are done with shopping and wrapping! It's always good to get it done early so you don't have to be out in the crowds with the last minute gifters. For me, I like going and watching the crazy people! (: found you from high five for friday! (:

    1. Yay! thanks for stopping by. I like watching the crazy people too, but in my town Walmart is full of crazies no matter what time of year you go.

  2. That's more duck dynasty crap than I've ever seen. Dang.

  3. I LOVE getting packages too!!! Hell I love getting mail period as long as it doesn't include a bill!

  4. Enjoy that time off of blogging! Blogcations are the best.

    Also, you ask 'Seriously who would use this?', but my question is 'Why do so many people care what these backwards rednecks have to say?' These people just need to go away. I've never seen a single episode and I'm already sick of them all.


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