O' Christmas Tree

We got our tree up. We actually did this the week before Thanksgiving, but I'm just now talking about it. I have always had an artificial tree because

1. I'm too lazy to go cut one or drag one       home shedding all over my car.
2. I'm too lazy to water it
3. I'm too lazy to clean up the needles
4. I'm too lazy to dispose of it after Christmas

Basically I'm just too lazy. I absolutely LOVE the smell of a real tree, but they seem too high maintenance for me. I have always had a smallish tree 6 1/2 foot and I've hated them. I've always wanted a tall, full, low to the ground tree. Last year, I found one on clearance, in February for only 20.00 It was originally 200. The box took up my entire backseat. I tossed the tree in our storage building and forgot about it until October when out of the blue it hit me. I bought a 9 foot tree. My ceilings are 7 1/2 feet. I worried about how I was going to get it to fit for a month. When I finally got the tree up I realized I really should have given in and bought a prelit a long time ago. I love the ease of setting it up, I love that I don't have to deal with lights. I love that I could bend the top down a little and make this crazy big tree fit.

Now to decorate. I went back and forth on whether or not I should use a theme. I love themed trees. I pinned a ton of them on pinterest My favorite themes were.
Source HGTV

What I did instead was use decorations that I've collected over the years and added some musical ornaments like a drum and clarinet there is also some music notes and a trumpet. 
 I did not put any ornaments on the back of this much larger than expected tree. In fact the back of the tree is still mostly folded up because it won't fit in the corner without doing that. I wanted to give it depth though, so I put ornaments inside the tree not just hanging from the outside branches. The inside base actually has large poinsettia's clipped to it. I added some small mirrored balls to reflect the light.
to add some fun to the tree I had to have the cow print tree skirt. It's probably my most favorite thing about the whole tree.

 Do you use collected ornaments or a theme or both?


  1. I use collected ornaments or things passed down to me from my mother. I love that ball with all the mirrored pieces, my mom has one and we call it the disco ball ornament.

  2. I love the musical ornaments, what a great idea. Now you have me thinking about a tree theme for next year. I'm going to share it because it just hit me as I started writing this comment. 4 of us live in our house, ages are oldish down to 6. I'm thinking it would be great to divide the tree into 4ths and display ornaments that represent one of us in each of the 4ths. So for my little man Star Wars and dinosaurs or for me books and the color green, etc. It would be so much fun to see all four of our very different personalities on display in twinkle lights. Thank you so much for sharing, you have my creative mind in overdrive right now. Merry Christmas.

    Keep it Sassy & Classy,

    1. That would be awesome. I'd love to see what you come up with.

  3. love the cow print skirt! it's so fabulous. also, i have a weak spot for themed christmas trees. one day i'll have one of my own!

  4. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need that pink tutu tree in my house next year.


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