Looking Back

 I'm still feeling hungover (figuratively) from the holidays. I've had a glorious 9 days off from work and I have enjoyed my lazy time, but I am looking forward to having a routine again. As you can see I didn't quiet get the blog changed over to the new name/look but I'm hoping it will all be in place soon.

This weekend I helped my sister move stuff from my dads house. While there I stumbled upon my senior memory book. Its funny to look back on that (especially with a class reunion coming up) and laugh. I was dating a guy several years older than me and according to my memory book I just knew were were going to get married and live happily ever after. That guy is currently married to the mother of a classmate of Abbey. We are both PTO members (pretty awkward). I was going through a phase where I spelled my name Holley (I have no idea why) I was also apparently having a flirty pen pal relationship with the local Air Force recruiter. I'm glad life didn't work out the way 18 year old Holl(e)y wanted it too. I'm excited for 2014 and hopefully I will get use to writing 14 on my checks before June.

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  1. We eagerly await this new look and new blog name. Unless the new blog name is just Holley and this is your way of telling us?

  2. Hahahaha I love looking back at high school memories, those were the best years. Loving the new look!


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