If I won the Mega Millions

As I'm typing this I am about to purchase my MEGAMILLIONS lotto ticket. The jackpot is 600 million. I don't know about you but that's a nice chunk of pocket change to me. I've wasted hours daydreaming about what I would do with that much money. I'm sure that while you are reading this, I have NOT won the millions, but if I had....Here's my top 10 list. Some are sweet some are fun but its all stuff I'd blow my new found cash on.

1. Bring Poop and Alien Abduction Probes back to the US. Not sure what I am talking about? I am a HUGE fan of the band Hayseed Dixie. They started doing covers of AC/DC but their original stuff is AMAZING!!! I've seen them in concert 3 times once driving 5 hours (one way). I'd see them monthly if only they didn't up and move across the pond. It breaks my heart. So first order of business is to bankroll  them a year long tour of the US

2. Take the girls on a tour of the world. Just not the same time Hayseed is touring the US.

3. Donate money to the company I work for. We do great things with the funding we have, but it would be nice to not have to worry about fundraising. When we had an all staff meeting in October, we broke off into groups and my group started talking about why we/how we came to work for the company. It was the same story for all of us. We worked for some pretty crappy places and needed a change. We wanted to feel valued and feel like we were making a difference. Its lived up to those standards and more. I want to give back to them and allow the company to do even bigger and better things within Early Childhood. Its such an overlooked field and yet I tell everyone that attends my trainings, its the most important. If we give children a solid foundation to build on they can do bigger and better things in the future. Want to cry? Watch this video.

4. Friends and Family Fund. Here's the thing. I have no problem in handing out fat checks to people I love and care for. People who are there for me, listen to me, and genuinely care for me. I don't care if we went to 2nd grade together and I told you that I liked your skirt. Unless you are present and active in my life don't bother asking for money. I'm sure cousins, aunts, uncles, and best friends I never knew I had will come crawling out of the wood work. Sorry about their luck. I already have a list of friends and family that I will be making a bank deposit for. I'm sure some family will be shocked about this. 

5. The typical junk like a new car for everyday of the week and of course a XLARGE Victorian house. I don't know why but I have always thought they were the most gorgeous homes EVER. 

6. HUGE ASS PARTY!!! With New Years coming up its just begging for a party and of course all of you are invited. I will have a plane pick everyone up. 

7. Learn to drive a race car. I figure if Danica can attempt it I can too. Of course I would only want to do it if I could be on the Stewart Haas Race team (You cringing yet Stephanie?) I just can't help myself, Tony Stewart makes me swoon. I just want to rub that stubbly cheek. I'd add convince Tony Stewart to marry me, but I have a feeling he and Greg have the same feelings toward marriage.
8. Set up a few scholarships, and tutoring sites, and lobby to have changes with how dyslexia is treated by the school system. No child should ever have to go through what Em has with her previous teachers. I still want to punch her 2nd grade teacher in the face. (If you are reading this Ms. Spencer you are still a piece of shit teacher and I still feel sorry for every child forced to have you as a teacher. If you would like to know how to really teach children walk downstairs and see how Ms. Callis does it. That woman has been a life saver repairing the damage you caused. You are the reason I think having a tenure system is a bad idea). Yeah I know that sounds harsh but really she is a nightmare of a teacher. I understand getting somewhat complacent in your old age but shit she is not just complacent she is soul crushing.

9. Take care of the Animals of the world. Specifically the Shih Tzu and kitty variety. Heather and I have wanted to start the "Princess Buttercup home for wayward Shih Tzu's" for ages now. Winning the lottery would allow that to happen. Not sure what we would call the cat rescue aspect. I have such a soft spot for animals. I can't bare to see one hurt or alone. My sweeties give me so much joy, everyone should have that in their lives.

10. Lets be practical for a minute. If I'm running through this money like it is water, I should probably set myself up for the future. Its not fun, but neither is dying broke after you've taken care of the world either.


  1. For #8 - I worry that my daughter will have a bad teacher, I will seriously have a hard time not punching said teacher in the face. As a matter of fact I want to punch whoever this Mrs. Spencer is and I don't even know the whole story nor is it about my child. I get so mad when children are mistreated, physically or mentally.

  2. I am cringing, cringing at what you wrote and cringing at the photo! Blech! Kasey Kahne forever!
    I love that you would help animals, that's what I would do too :) But honestly, I'd probably let it marinate in the bank for awhile gaining interest while I figure out my plans.


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