Icy Monday

Nothing like an ice storm to get you in the Christmas spirit. You would think "Hometown Holidays" would have done it, but you'd be wrong. The town that Abbey goes to school in has an event called Hometown Holidays. Basically the city blocks off main street and the downtown shops stay open late for shopping and the businesses and churches host musical groups throughout the night. Abbey was playing with the middle and high school at the Baptist church. Why do they always put the percussion in the back. It means I can't get good pictures.

I have spent the rest of the weekend looking at this.
Westley modeled his coat. He was NOT a happy camper about going out to pee
Hope your weekend was toasty and warm.


  1. Sorry you had an icy weekend, that's no fun especially for the little guy. It was cold and rainy here but we did get out shopping done so there is that.

  2. How cute is he in his coat! I love it!


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