How Duck Dynasty ruined my Christmas

.....and possibly my relationship.

After the Marriage #2 Christmas Fiasco the girls were leery of going to anyone's house for the holidays. Honestly I was too. But Greg and I have been together for 4 years and I've never done Christmas with his family. They have always been super awesome to us so I thought it would be fine. But there is nothing like the holidays to bring the worst out of people.

Let me set the stage We get there on Monday, His brother and he rant about the Duck Dynasty crap (pro Phil) Now keep in mind I JUST had a blog post about how sick I was of the DD shit. Had I known that I could become yet again even more tired of  I said that on Monday. The subject was dropped. Flash forward to Tuesday.We made it through Christmas Eve present open frenzy. It was fun.

We then go from his moms house to his brothers house. They start drinking and the stupid topic of DD comes up AGAIN!! I listen to it for about 15 min. They are literally screaming at each other, while agreeing on what they were saying. The girls were looking at me like WTF really?!? Sober Holly just could not take anymore and said rather loud (I admit) can we PLEASE talk about something else? I am so sick of this subject. His brother said Its my house and we'll talk about whatever I want you don't have to listen to it. I argued back (yeah rule #1 don't argue with drunks) That I didn't have to stay, that I could easily go back home. They looked at me shocked. He said I was shallow for not putting up with a subject I was (completely) sick of hearing. I did say I would leave Greg to find a way home. (but honestly its because I didn't want to ask him to chose. I knew where that would go) turns out but not asking him to chose and just letting him stay was ALSO a bad idea. Now they are incredulous that I would dare leave him. That's when his brother said Greg loves me more than anything and I am always so awful to him, that I am mean and belittle him and am always a hateful and selfish person. (So nice to hear what people REALLY think of me) I thankfully was sober and stopped arguing back. He stormed off to bed and I tucked the girls in, at this point we were more than ready to head home. The next day packed up and left I didn't speak to his brother and his brother didn't speak to me.

I'm sure the dudes are sitting at there place in NOLA all smug at the uproar they've caused. I am all for peoples freedoms and that includes the freedom to have sex with whoever you want. I am just not excited about people's freedom when it directly effects my life. So with all due respect these people need to go away.

So here is the question of the day. How should I move forward with this?


  1. I think you did great by standing up for yourself! As far as moving on? I think it's going to have to be a decision shared by you and your husband. You both have to respect each others feelings on the matter. Having said that, I think your next step should be to have a civil conversation (no yelling or kids around) and remember to be open minded when listening to each other. Good luck :)

    1. He's not my husband. Greg is my boyfriend. So leaving is easier. Not that I really want to go that route but If that's what happens its not as traumatic as a divorce.

    2. Yeah, I can understand that but do you love him? I guess if you really love him and feel he's worth the trouble then hang in there and work it out with him. If not, then maybe your heart is trying to lead you else where and you should follow.


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