Feeling like a makeover

Is it just me or does the end of the year make you want to make big changes? I always feel the need to clean/purge my house and life to start January 1 on a better foot.

This year I am feeling the need for some changes on this little blog. I'm restless, I'm bored, It needs a massive makeover. Starting with the name. I liked my name when I started. I liked the play on words with my real name. Now I'm over it.

So I'm begging for help. I need a new blog name and design. Any suggestions on a name would be highly appreciated. 


  1. Coming up with blog names is not my forte, my Aunt came up with mine.

    Maybe make a list of things you love and then try to come up with a play on words for one of those things.

  2. I pay people to change my blog around so I'm no help!

  3. I just thought about movies and songs, and then I thought, duh my favorite movie ever, Empire Records, has to have a quote I like! And thus, the new name was born.

  4. I've struggled with this a lot with my blog design. I changed it like 6 times when I first started. Then I decided I needed to find one I loved and invest some money to force me to commit. Did that stop me? Nooooo. I still constantly look at Genesis designers and think "after my wedding I am so getting an EVEN MORE custom Genesis design".

    This illustrates that you actually have the PERFECT blog name. 'Cause the grass? You know it's always greener.


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