DIY Gone Wrong: etched shot glasses

I wanted to announce that I did in fact win the Megamillions. Sadly, it was just $3.00. Which I spent on my coworker. So, now you are on your own for finding New Years entertainment. Unless you want to travel to Kentucky. In that case I will totally meet up with you.  Since I'm already bummed about not having 600 million burning a hole through my pocket, lets talk about something else I am bummed about. The fact that Pinterest is a big fat liar when it comes to crafting cool Christmas gifts.

I love doing crafts. I am also lazy. Those can some times be a recipe for disaster. Especially when you throw in a healthy dose of I sometimes lack attention to detail.

I had grand plans to make all of my drinking friends their own monogrammed shot glass. Practical and Pretty. I bought the glasses, and knocked an old lady down at Michael's for the last bottle of glass etching cream (not really YES really) I read the directions, I even printed out stencils on sticker paper (a special trip to staples) with everyone's initial. I was psyched. I just KNEW it was going to turn out like this.
Instead they looked like this
This is actually the best one. Sad I know :(

I'm thinking they turned out so awful because the glass was curved and I didn't make sure all  the edges were flat (see lack of attention to detail) I could have also left the cream on longer but I was afraid of it damaging the glass (that was a dumb worry). I'm hoping after several shots they will forget that their glass looks like it was made by a kindergarten class. Maybe I should add a mini shot bottle for good measure.

I've learned my lesson this year. I should absolutely have a backup plan for homemade gifts.


  1. I wanted to do homemade gifts but I suck at making things so I can't. I think if you tried again you'd get it right!

  2. Hahaha!! That's why I don't do it!


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