a Naughty Elf

As I'm typing this we are being warned of an ice storm. I'm kind of excited because I would love to be iced/snowed in for a few days. I'm guessing it would force me to actually wrap presents.

I'm struggling this week to think of 5 things that were awesome. So far I have

1. Em had a great report card. I am aware that if this was Abbey's she would be grounded for ever but for Emmy this is amazing. I couldn't be prouder of all of her hard work. Getting her to start her homework is a chore but once she gets started she never complains. (watch I just jinxed us)

2. I'm almost completely finished with my Christmas Shopping. I wish I could get inspired to wrap everything. I even bought cool black and white damask wrapping paper and materials to make my own bows. So far nothing is wrapped and I am thinking I will just buy a ton of gift bags

3. I found some Garbage Pail kid cards for Emmy's stocking.

4. If we get the ice storm that predicted I will get to sleep in. That would be the biggest High Five ever

5. All of my friends have brought out their Elf on a Shelf. Since my kids are older and we like funny things. Our Elf is a naughty thing. Eleanor is obviously rebelling from the prim and proper name we gave her and living it up. This is some of the things she got in to this week.

Snorting powdered sugar. Apparently it gives her a cocaine like high.
She came in like a wrecking ball. I guess I should be happy she still has her elf suit on....and isn't licking a hammer.
She found the bar. I hope she is a little tamer next week.
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  1. She came in like a wrecking ball, now that's funny stuff!

  2. I love that you treat Emmy like she's her own person. Because she is. My cousin struggled for years because she was held to the standard of her brother, and it was fair and it wasn't helpful.


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