The Impatient Gift Giver

I knew I was going to do it. I knew I couldn't be trusted. I just can't keep presents a secret. If I'm excited about them, and know they will be loved, I want to just hand it over.

That's what I did. Do you remember last year when I ran over my sisters dog Princess Buttercup and then felt so awful that I bought her Inigo Montoya (yes Princess Bride....I have Westley in case you  didn't know) I found out a couple of weeks ago that she had been carrying a lock of Buttercups hair with her. It was in a ziplock bag. I nearly cried. How sweet is that. So I got the bright idea of what to get her for Christmas. A Origami Owl locket with a rhinestone paw print and then I planned to steal some Buttercup hair and stick into the locket. When it was all ready I was so excited and wanted to give it to her. I had plans to take it to my office and hide it from myself until Christmas. She surprised me by visiting on Sunday. I didn't have a chance to hide the locket from myself.

I found myself asking her to hold out her hand and close her eyes. This is a trick I've done several times in the past. Of course she had to bring up the time I gave her a hamster. She liked that Hamster don't let her act like I was trying to be mean.

Now I'm looking for something to get her for Christmas that tops the locket. Any ideas?


  1. Awww that's so sweet, what a good idea!! I'm not sure you can top that!

  2. I'm the same way with great presents! I just can't keep them a secret.

  3. That's incredibly sweet and a great gift idea. Makes me feel like a complete dick for getting my wife a Domo toaster.

    (If you don't know, a toaster that makes your toast look like the Domo creature)

    1. I think that would be a cool present. Greg got me a toaster oven a few years ago. It didn't make my toast look like anything...except toast.


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