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Saturday I had to be out of the house at the ungodly hour of 6 in order to make it to the location of where my training was. It was just the 2nd time I had trained. The first time I ran out of things to talk about with an hour to go. This time it was at a conference so I couldn't let them leave an hour early.

I woke up feeling like I was getting a migraine. I took an over the counter migraine med. I took my prescription stuff with me, just in case I needed it.

I get to the training site. My jump drive didn't work and I couldn't get to my presentation.
Thankfully I had emailed it to myself otherwise I would have resorted to using the sex ed lesson from Mean Girls 
Then I noticed a grammatical error on my handouts.
Then my video clips wouldn't work and someone in the audience had to help me figure it out.
Then some girls in the front row fell asleep.
Yeah I am THAT exciting.
 Then we ran out of things to talk about.
The same girl suggested watching youtube videos.
So we did.
Then the next session started.
I couldn't get the smartboard to turn on.
Then my power point wouldn't play. (still not sure how we got that fixed)
Then a major part of the presentation didn't get printed, because I forgot to send it to the printer.
 Then it was over.
Then someone told me she had fun.
And a Director of a program asked me to come train for her facility.
Then I forgot about the girls napping and the other girl texting and realized you can't please everyone.
 Then I went to Hobby Lobby and Michaels
Then I came home and crashed instead of going to a friends house with Greg.
Then I realized that 99% of life can be summed up using Mean Girl Quotes.
30 days of Thanks
Nov 2- I am thankful I live in such a beautiful state. I love the sunshine and fall colors
Nov 3- I am thankful for the extra hour of sleep
Nov 4- I am thankful for my wonderful co-workers that I get to spend the day with at a retreat

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  1. You had a crazy day. And yes, I agree about the Mean Girl quotes. They crack me up.


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