I survived the week

Replacement pants have been found! I know you have worried about that, since I told you I got a hole in my favorite pair. Well, never fear I went shopping after work. Greg procrastinated forgot he needed 24X36" picture frames for Senior Night tomorrow. So, he left school early and we went to Lexington. I even went down a size. I was super excited about that. Although I was wonder is there anyone that can really wear a size 0? Even at my skinniest I couldn't wear a 0 and that was when I weighed 95 pounds (I'm not anorexic, I'm just under 5 feet tall)

While in Lexington we stopped at Logan's steakhouse for dinner. It was yummy and I am still full. Our server walked past us 3 times without saying Hi I'm, going to be your server I'll be with you in a minute, or getting our drink order, or even acknowledging that we weren't ghosts. We got up and moved to the bar where we had rolls and drinks within minutes.

While at Logan's I saw Chris Christopherson. He was sitting right across from us. I didn't want to ask for his autograph because he was probably incognito.

I didn't get hit by a tornado. Lots of wind, but the big storm we were worried about didn't happen.

My coworker's daughter is getting married. She asked me today if I'd help her make a broach bouquet. I am so excited about this I can't stand it. I'm also making her a wedding planner as a surprise. Ooops I hope she doesn't read this and know the surprise.

Is it lame that all of my High Five for Friday Highs happened on Thursday? This week has felt like its been 3 weeks long. I'm looking forward to the time change this weekend.....and Hobby Lobby.

I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday

Day 1 of my month of thanks. Today I am thankful I am thankful I have a safe and warm house.


  1. Ooo I want to see the planner and the bouquet!!

  2. Tempting date by eating at a steakhouse when a storm is predicted? That storm terrified your niece and nephew.

    1. That storm terrified me. Our power went off about 1:30. It blew the wreath off my door. Pretty scary stuff

  3. No, it's not lame it all happened on Thursday...I think three of my week's favorites did also. Sometimes, that's just the week!
    I haven't been to Logans in awhile, I miss those rolls...

  4. I'm pretty sure the kind of girl that can fit into a size 0 has never seen the inside of a steakhouse and would blow away in a slight breeze, much less a storm.


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