Guess what happened to me?

I commented on a FB post....Yes I know I need to stay away from that hot mess. I don't know why I still read it. Anyway. I commented on a post and it was a stupid challenge thingy and I had to change my status to one of these.
So I chose the confession one.
And people commented and I send them messages with the above pic. I couldn't do it. I'm not that evil. I sent them a message explaining what I had to do. They laughed and told me they hated me. But one person asked ok if you did have to confess something what would it be.
Oh wow!
Do I really have to? Apparently so. So I said I'm lonely.


  1. haha learned your 'get off facebook' lesson yet?!

  2. I commented on something and got the challenge too. I politely declined and said I don't play Facebook games.


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