Friday 5

Well its Friday my favorite work day. This has been a pretty low key week. I haven't really gotten back into the habit of writing after my week depression induced hiatus. But here were the high points.

1. I realized that while I use to think Westley looked like a crazy lion or buffalo (when he has just been groomed) in general he looks like a bobble head dog. How can a dog so little have such a head of 80's hair. I almost bought him a shirt hat said bad hair day. I think I may go back and get it. If any doggie needed it, its Wes.

2. My calzone smiled at me. I was creeped out and humored by this.

3. My ipsy bag came and I was sooooo excited to get the EM lip balm. Nearly everything else went to my sister and Abbey though.

4. I finished painting Emmy's chest and she loved it. I think the room is finally  ready for a reveal next week.

5. I'm putting my Christmas tree up tonight. Abbey's boyfriend is coming over to help. Have I mentioned the best (ok not really the best) part of having a teenager is having an eager to please boyfriend do things around the house.

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  1. You're putting up the Christmas tree. Before Thanksgiving.

    Remind me to give you a swift boot to the butt next time I see you. :p

    1. I'd normally do it Thanksgiving night, but the girls are with Mike for Thanksgiving so it would have to be another week before we would have time. So its getting put up this weekend.

  2. Oo the dresser is cute, excited to see the whole room!


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