Dating and Shoes

Abbey is dating.

Well kinda.

She is at that age where she has boyfriends and they never go on an actual date. Once she went to the movies but for the most part there is no "dating"

Boyfriends lasted from minutes-weeks. I'm ok with that. I encourage that actually. Its always been fun silly relationships. They'd say they were a couple and then hardly ever talk because they were both still hanging out with their own friends.

Then it started to get real.

Not so real that I am worried or even concerned but I noticed a shift.

She is talking to him nightly, texting, and using Skype. She's asking if they can hang out and see each other.

I really like him, he's a great kid.

Emmy is taking it hard. She said today that she didn't know why Abbey needed a boyfriend when she had her to hang out with.

I said dating is like shopping for shoes. You try on as many pairs as you can so you can find that perfect pair that looks good with all your outfits, smells great (yeah I love to sniff leather shoes), and are super comfy. When you find that shoe you buy it. Its your shoe forever....but sometimes that shoe gets a hole in it that can't be fixed and you have to buy a new pair.

What worries me is we are at the start of real dating, the start of when heartache begins. I hope she can avoid that, but odds are she will have her heart broken along the way. I want to lock her in the house and never let her experience things that will make her cry and will eventually turn her happy and carefree heart cold and jaded.

I know I've dated guys that my parents adored and were sad  to see leave. I know I've dated guys that they pretended to like so I wouldn't stay with, just to rebel against them. I hope I can be the right balance. I hope I can check my temper when someone breaks her heart and let her learn and grow. I hope I can let someone I like leave our lives, because he isn't the right shoe for her. I hope when a shoes is obviously wrong I can hold my tongue and let her realize for herself that he pinches her toes and clashes with her favorite outfit. But ultimately I am hoping that She finds the right shoe when the time is right, without too much stress and tears.

Shoe shopping is suppose to be fun right?

30 days of Thanks
Today I am thankful I have the girlies that I have.


  1. It is exactly like shoes, you're so right. I guess you just have to let her figure it out on her own, but it's hard to not want to protect her.

  2. Gosh I dread dating, if I could just keep her 4 years old!

  3. Eek, I am not looking forward to the dating part.

  4. I should start saving money for bail. I remember how "calm" you reacted to my last heart break.


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