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I started seeing the Christmas decorations in stores months ago. It seems like it gets earlier and earlier every year. But one thing I've always started early is Christmas shopping.

I usually just make a spread sheet and check stuff off when I buy it. I wanted something different for this year. Mainly because I kept losing the sheet last year. I downloaded several apps to test them out.

This one was without a doubt my favorite.

The Christmas List Cost 1.99

What you get.

Able to make separate groups. I have a them separated by when I will be opening them. I have a Family, Grandma's House,  Greg's Family, Holly's House, and work and school.

You are able to change the icon by the persons name to individual pics, or one that is uniform for the group. I chose to make each icon represent the group.

You can track how much you spend,

track your progress with purchases, wrapping, shipping, and received.

You can keep track of the stores you need things from,

and see the group totals.

Today I am Thankful for Apple because for all the grief they gave me with the ipod touch, they've redeemed themselves with all the positives of the iphone.


  1. Too funny after your comment last week, I went in search of one on my own. I wound up downloading Santa's Bag since it was free. Very comparable to this one, except the grouping feature which would be super nice!

  2. Good call on the early Christmas shopping. And this awesome app!


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